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Michael Clouse

I was very excited about listening to Michael Clouse on our Team Call tonight. We typically have had very special guests on our Monday night teal calls that bring us years of wisdom and training, week after week, and Michael Clouse delivered yet again tonight! It is a very special treat for those of us who attend these calls (I invite you!). Having these resources available to us on a regular and consistent basis is a great asset for planning and building a business. Tonight’s guest, Michael Clouse, is a terrific motivational speaker who knows how to teach about the basics for realizing great success in Network Marketing.

Michael Clouse: Know your Why

Michael Clouse is a Certified Network Marketing Professional, the first that I have ever encountered. He is an engaging speaker who knows exactly how to get the listener focused on the right things in their lives and business. For instance, one of his keynote speeches is about Knowing your Why. We have talked about this here at DrewBerman.com for years. You have to have passion behind your reason for doing anything, especially building a Network Marketing business. We hear that and we all know that, but Michael Clouse takes it a big step further by asking if we really know what our reason Why is all about. Can you identify it in such detail that you have no doubt about each action step that you take? Is your focus really on your dream or is it focused on simply wanting more money? Do you want a stack of paper or do you have a dream that is motivated by your Why?

Michael Clouse suggests 90-day planning periods

Another extremely powerful point that Michael Clouse has to share is his training on making your Plan. He makes the point that if you have a plan that covers too long a period of time, say twenty years, or ten years, or one year for that matter, that you will find it overwhelming and difficult to achieve. He recommends that we all make our plans in 90 day segments. 90 days. That is a very reasonable time frame in which to set goals that are attainable and take action steps to reach them. As he points out, if you are sitting in the doldrums of Winter stuck in your house for three months, it is easy to look forward to Spring knowing that it is coming up in a month or two. Changes happen around us in smaller timeframes than a year or two, or ten. 90 days is a manageable timeframe. Real progress can be measured. At the end of 90 days the Plan can be reviewed and adjusted based on achievements and things learned along the way.
Here we are in the second week of 2012. It is a perfect time to be planning the next three months. If you know why you want to build your business, then you can figure out the math that it will take to get you to your goal. Set a realistic goal for three months from now. Where do you want to be on April first? The only one who will see it as April Fools Day is the one who didn’t make a real plan based on a real why. If you want to hear what Michael Clouse had to offer on our team call tonight (and let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing! There were tons of nuggets all stuffed into less than an hour!), here is the audio recording! Enjoy!
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Drew Berman and Michael Clouse
By the way, here is a great picture of Michael Clouse and my Drew Berman at a recent event this past weekend in Arizona! Not only was it an amazing event but it was also when we all learned that Michael Clouse had decided to partner with us. Absolutely amazing! Enjoy!
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  • James Delnort January 12, 2012 at 2:12 am

    Awesome write-up! I wish I had met you Drew (virtually) sooner so I might have been on this call I missed. I read Michael’s Fifth Principle tonight and also purchased his Total Plan package. I’m taking his suggestion of reading one book a month and one audio program a month for a year. You have some excellent posts here, Drew. Looking forward to finding out more about you and your “winning” ways.