Million Dollar Motivation and Mentoring: Maurice DiMino

Million Dollar Motivation and MentoringHey it’s Drew Berman coming back at you with the an update from the Network Marketing Radio Show! For those of you who have stayed in the loop, a few week I had my very good friend Maurice DiMino on the show! He video chatted with us all the way from California, to share some tips that could be useful in network marketing, and his message on the lifestyle of his profession. Maurice checked in and gave us his million dollar tips on motivation and mentoring.
Born in Brooklyn, Maurice DiMino is no stranger to the struggle of growing up in a tough neighborhood. During the radio show interview, DiMino gave a shout out to his mother Nancy, who passed away when he was fifteen and mentioned the scholarship he created in her memory. The scholarship is given to high school seniors (as he was at the time of his mother’s passing) who give back to their school and community. Maurice went on to tell of how the scholarship is one of the ways that he spread his mother’s own personal “Million Dollar Message” which was about giving back and never expecting anything in return. When asked about his stance as a motivational speaker, DiMino mentioned the great joy he has in speaking about the positivity that others have shared with him as well as others. He talked of how it brings him great joy as a motivational speaker to see others implementing the motivation he tries to instill in their hearts. He then brought up an million dollar motivational quote that has circulated greatly throughout the network marketing circuit and goes something along the lines of:

80% of success is just showing up but how do you show up? DiMino went on to ask “how do you deliver your message so that it is clear to others?”. It was a question very similar to this that soon sparked DiMino into his creation of “The Million Dollar Message”.

Maurice kindly shared how he stumbled upon the “Million Dollar Message” and he explained that it came about in several different stages. One of the first stages towards its development was when he worked in advertising. It was during this time that DiMino discovered a process called T.O.M.A. (Top of Mind Awareness) which he incorporates into his motivational speeches. This is the process of how a speaker communicates with their listener. DiMino explained that it takes anywhere from 8-12 seconds for a person to either make a good or bad impression on their listener. Sometimes the interaction between the speaker and hearer does not need to be verbal in order for the listener/hearer to decide on whether or not to mentally check out of the conversation. During this time the hearer/listener is asking themselves two questions: Can I trust this person and do I like this person? Within the first three minutes of the conversation the speaker has to prove their expertise or risk losing the attention of the listener.
It was after this that DiMino saw the importance of helping people get their own million dollar message out to the world so their voices can be heard. Maurice says that “everyone has one and need to share theirs clearly, concisely, and with a call to action”. He later goes on to tell about the steps that network marketers and other’s could use to make it easier for them to connect with buyers. DiMino says, “when it comes to the sale they [Network Marketers] should understand the cycle of sale” : initial, demo, contract, handing the check over. Maurice also mentioned that there are three questions that are important to remember, both in terms of motivational speaking and network marketing and one of them is:

What exactly do you want your listeners to do at the end of this presentation? What call to action do you want them to engage in?

From his Brooklyn style dialect to his clear and concise tone of voice and reasoning, Maurice DiMino is one of the best motivational speakers out there. He got his million dollar motivation and mentoring message through to me and I have no doubt that he will do the same for you. Just go check out the Network Marketing Radio Show where if you haven’t already you can experience the wise words of the Million Dollar Man himself Maurice DiMino. Now to leave you with my own chosen words of wisdom, as a wise man once said, “working towards goals will never happen because they are in the future but working backwards is a better method because it allows you to act as if they have already become a reality”.

Be Great!
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  • LauraF June 6, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Maurice is such an inspiration.

  • Jonathan Ahn June 7, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Maurice’s million dollar tips were motivating and showed great mentorship.