Millionaire Mind on Collective Consciousness: Make Your Own Way

In life, there is a traditional tendency to do what everyone else is doing. Perhaps this evolved from conservative ancestors or potential past risk causing a fear of opportunity. Whatever the case, it is common for people to make choices based on what might be perceived by the masses to be appropriate even if it may not necessarily be appropriate for the individual. Heavy? Check out this quick video for some Millionaire Mind clarity.

It is important in life to do what is right for you, as an individual. After all, when you boil it all down, you’re all you have left. You better be happy with your choices. It certainly may appear easier to appease others’ wishes and do what the collection mind desires, but at what expense? Usually at the expense of one’s own happiness.

Al and I are business partners and we spent the better part of St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) hiking in the woods in Southwestern Connecticut. No commute, no time cards, and no gossip at the cooler; just clear-minded realizations and mastermind thinking. Wow! Isn’t that the type of business you’d like to be involved in? (More walk-in-the-woods videos coming! Stay tuned!)
Don’t be ruled by the collective consciousness. Today’s Millionaire Mind Tip Of The Day, as Al succinctly puts it, “Make your own way!”

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  • Darry Roseman November 13, 2011 at 11:05 am

    Drew, congrats on the success of your new book, and thanks once again for the chance you gave me to ‘preview’ it and add my small part as one of your ‘proof’ readers. The following is fresh from me today, and I think easily fits in to the theme of ‘mindset’. While it does diverge a bit from the topic of ‘money’ to the important topic of ‘health’ . . . I believe that you and your large and long list of contacts can’t help but benefit from adding to our collective knowledge base. Enjoy.
    Early on, I got pretty addicted to ‘ciggies’.
    There was a small Mom-and-Pop grocery store at the bottom of my street (growing up) that was called ‘Listortie’s (phonetic, because I can’t remember for sure on the spelling!). They had an ashtray clipped to an eye level shelf in the store; one or two every so far in every aisle. As kids, we’d go in there and look for the butts that were actually still complete cigarettes that had been snubbed out after just one or two puffs. Bonus was if there was some faint lipstick on the filter! That meant that it hadn’t been on the lips of some crusty old trucker! You could fantasize about a sexy babe having a puff or two on it before unwittingly donating it to us come-alongs.
    So by the time I was in high school, heck yeah ………………. I was into Newports big time. Nothing like the mentholated cooling of your wind pipes with a ‘Newie’ after the esophageal assault of hammering a doobie! Everybody knows that any kind of smoking ain’t no good for ya. We always knew that! What’s with all the government warnings all over the packs these days? Who needs to be ‘officially’ warned about the obvious? Does anybody have to tell you not to drink paint stripper? Duh!!!
    I quit smoking once in early college for two whole years. One Saturday afternoon after I’d moved back in with Mom & Dad (from my apartment in Girard . . . hey, I was blowing off all my classes at Youngstown State University for a night-shift job at Ketchum Industries in Warren – and at that point, failing all my courses for stuff like not showing up for final exams) . . . I decided to walk down to the ‘old’ high school football stadium in Poland to see a Bulldogs football game. It was Fall and the weather, leaf colors . . . life in general that day was just fantastic. I was alone for the walk and when I got down into the Village, I did something really stupid. I bought a pack of smokes (at Wittenauer’s, I think) with the idea of having just one darn cigarette (and throwing the rest of the pack away). Remember, it had been two whole years for me without so much as one puff. I had quit – cold turkey!
    Well, that was like ……….. in 1974. You probably have an inkling about what happened next. I went nuts at the game and smoked a bunch of those smokes. And I kept right on smoking the rest of the pack following the game. Maybe it took me a few days to finish all twenty sticks. I don’t remember. But I do recall that I was immediately right back into cigarettes like I had never even quit for one day! Not only was I back in heavy – I never quit again. Not for decades. Not until 5 seconds before the stroke of the New Millenium. The good news is that even though I had been badly addicted to Marlboro Lights [(had to leave the menthol ‘ciggies’ behind) for years and years (I fooled myself over the years by reasoning that because I was a fairly light smoker, quantitatively speaking – and because I had cut back to a ‘light’ non-mentholated habit . . . I was ‘okay’ as far as the risks of smoking go)] ……… I was able to successfully cease ever having another puff off a cigarette right before the stroke of midnight, December 31st, 1999.
    Remember now – I used no class training, no hypnosis, no formal smoking cessation program, no Nicorette, no drugs, no gimmicks or program or candy or crutches of any kind. After smoking almost none stop for over 30 years (barring my 2-year sabbatical . . . see above) – I simply stopped forever, on one last puff. It’s been just about 12 years ago now. I’m starting my 13th year in another month and a half (from today)! Yippee! Hoorah! Celebration!
    There IS a technique I used. I spent no money. No one informed me about it. It’s not some program and it doesn’t involve hypno-therapy. No sweets. No kind of replacement for the nicotine – of any kind. Nothing like that! What’s even more interesting is that it involves actor William Hurt, playwright and author Paddy Chayefsky . . . and something that happened in 1980 that remained buried in my subconcious for twenty years – until 5 seconds before the Ball dropped in Times Square and a brand new Millenium began on January 1st, 2000.
    I want to just go ahead and ‘give’ this recipe away; just simply explain what suddenly ‘came’ to me all of a sudden – and why I believe it was and is so effective. It’s something I know can be used to defeat much in life that might be described as a ‘monkey’ on somebody’s back (whether it’s cigarettes, booze, pills, or a destructive personal problem like kleptomania, road rage or a self-controlling fascination with porn – whatever it is). It doesn’t directly depend on or involve any religion or church (although I am a strong believer and am certain there’s a small army of Guardian Angels looking out for me on my path here).
    The beauty of this is that it’s FREE! It’s simple. It’s just twisted enough that for me – it was obviously sure fire! I know it will be for you – as well. You interested? If so, there’s only 2 prerequisites. #1 – this one’s no surprise. You have absolutely got to be at the point where you have ‘had it’ with whatever you want to toss off your back. For good. FOREVER. Because if you do this without 100 Thousand Percent total commitment on your part . . . if you do this with anything less than that (half-assed or whatever, so to speak) – not only will this not work. You will blow your chance to use this technique to shed your monkey ………… for ALL TIME. Reason being, the technique will be forever associated in your mind with failure. And that association will be cemented to the degree that this will never work for you – after you already failed it once. That’s right. I said: YOU failed my technique. Because I know that my technique WILL NOT FAIL YOU. So I repeat, DO NOT START THIS UNTIL YOU ARE TOTALLY COMMITED FOR LIFE OR DEATH WAR ON YOUR MONKEY.
    The second prerequisite is my required ‘trade’ for the reveal. Here’s what I want to do. And it’s really simple. I want to beef up my FaceBook page and hit a plateau of one thousand FaceBook friends. Let’s just say we have a deadline on this project. By the end of the year, 2011 …………… that’s a good month and a half from today ……………….. target achieved! Okay?
    Who the heck cares why I set this goal? Just go with this for a moment. I’m sitting right now at 139 FB friends and today is the second day following 11.11.11. 861 more friends to go. Once I turn the corner and add my 1,000th friend . . . I will release in full detail here on FaceBook …………. and on YouTube with my special video …………. the ‘secret’ of my success as described in this FaceBook note! Period. To everybody. The sooner I get my #1,000 milestone covered, the sooner I can bust the full story out on what happened to me. You won’t believe it! It is extremely powerful and I really know that anyone who takes this ball and runs with it – will have every bit of the success I’ve had. For life. For your healthy and elongated life. Don’t kid yourself and think: Oh Brother, big deal. I assure you that this is nothing less than VERY VERY HUGE. I think you already get that idea. This technique I know – saved years and years of my life! And made many more of what would have been sickly ones for me before I do die when it’s my time – HEALTHY! FOLKS – I’M JOGGING NON-STOP, 8 MILES+ ……….A MINIMUM OF THREE TIMES A WEEK, THESE DAYS!
    Look. I get a bunch more FB friends out of this deal, and the world gets what has been a ‘true miracle’ in my life (anybody who has ever quit a bad monkey like cigarettes knows what I’m talking about). That’s the deal.
    In the meantime, the clock is ticking. Oh, and by the way . . . drop me a message if you wish and let me know what you think. Anytime.
    All the Best,