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I’d like to share some millionaire secrets about how to celebrate success. It may or may not be well known that focusing on something has a way of manifesting more of that something. But what do most people seem to focus on? Do people usually celebrate success? Think about it. What do we hear about – around the water cooler, around the dinner table, or bellying up at a bar, to name just a few places. Right…negativity! In fact, you don’t have to look too far to find people actually competing to have a worse story than the one just told. “You think that was bad, wait until you hear this!”

Sure, misery loves company but, I tell you, it gets old and dull really quickly.

What if you focus on something positive???

That’s one of the key millionaire secrets we’ll discuss here!

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But there is a whole lot more to this.

Author and one of Robert Kiyosaki‘s Rich Dad’s Advisors, Blair Singer wrote in his book, “Little Voice” Mastery, describing the notion of a Little Voice. “Everyone has a little voice.” And if you don’t think you have a Little Voice, Blair responds, “Your Little Voice is the one saying I don’t have a Little Voice.” The book is filled with millionaire secrets, including 21 specific techniques for Little Voice management.

Your Little Voice will play a little reverse psychology on you saying, “You don’t deserve kudos for that on-time job completion!” or “It’s no big deal.” Perhaps you’ll feel embarrassed about the celebration others create around a job well done or even go so far as to avoid praise altogether!

That is the wrong approach!

Psychologists have long known that the more senses you use to learn something, the more you internalize the experience, feeling, lesson, etc. Martin Seligman, esteemed author and director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, after studying thousands of salespeople, professional athletes, leaders, parents, and children from a behavioral psychology perspective, found that how you handle success is as important as how you handle failure.

Millionaire Secrets

Celebrate Success

To Celebrate Success…

Blair Singer suggests that you need to create a verbal and physical gesture to anchor “wins” into the body. “Wins” can be anything – you arrived at work on time, you washed the dishes before being asked, you closed your first $1 million transaction – and it can even be “wins” from those around you – your son brought home an A on his essay, your friend’s baseball team won a game, your spouse landed a new account. It doesn’t matter as much who “won” as much as it is to create and repeatedly bring to the surface your feeling of being a winner!

As a verbal gesture, simply saying, “Yes!” aloud will do the trick. The more emotion and feeling that you put into it, the more effective it will be. The physical gesture can take many more personalized forms. Perhaps you’re a high-fiver, maybe you like to throw two fists into the air and bring them down as if you’re doing a chin-up, maybe it’s more like a one-handed version of that for you. It doesn’t matter. Make it physical and make it your own.

Celebrate success like this for every “win”, every success.

Then reverse the Little Voice and tell yourself that you did deserve that “win”, you do deserve the kudos, and why that is so. “I deserve to celebrate this success because I helped my son outline his essay.”

When put to the test, Little Voice management, as described above, tends to actually help people manifest more wins! That is the power and the end game we’re looking for!

These are millionaire secrets that cannot be denied. They work!

The final step is to tell yourself that the rest of your week is now going to be great – bring it up a notch. Let it cascade into all parts of your life! Why? Because it builds energy, hope, and confidence. Of course, if it starts going in a wrong direction, say STOP! You have to disrupt and reverse that normal pattern of raining on your own parade.

By the way, I have a whole host of other . If you were inspired by this post, please read them too!

When you celebrate success, own it!
– Drew

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As a millionaire secrets tip from me to you, you owe it to yourself to celebrate success and see what I’m talking about!




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