Millionaire Secrets Revisited – Part II

Millionaire Secrets #3 - Leverage


As you have read, Millionaire Secrets aren’t really that secret, they are just not readily taught to the general public for whatever reason. Maybe it is that the general public does not care to know how to become Millionaires or maybe it is that the general public is not ready for such information. Regardless the reason, I am sharing them with you here. However, you are not the general public, are you? You have a different mindset than the masses, don’t you? You are ready to learn what it is that I am teaching you here, aren’t you?

Well, I’m glad that you are ready for this knowledge and I am ecstatic that I get to be the one that shares it with you. This particular Millionaire Secret is one that we have discussed before and this secret is blatantly obvious in the realm of network and multi-level marketing.

Millionaire Secret #3 – Leverage

Millionaires know that if they are able to leverage the efforts of others, their paychecks skyrocket. What do you think would create greater results – 100% of your effort or 10% of 1000 people’s effort? Obviously, it’s the 1000 people’s effort. The Millionaire Secret of leverage can make YOU a fortune because you are gaining from the efforts of others, not just yourself.
Ok, let’s relate it to MLM’s. A rep in this industry leverages the efforts of his down in order to increase the digits in his or her’s residual check. The power of residual income comes from leverage. A rep with a huge downline makes a considerably higher income that one with a sparse downline. So, recruit, recruit, recruit… build a huge downline and use leverage to your advantage! There is someone you have meaning to call to discuss your business, make the call now and put leverage to work for you immediately.
I hope you’re enjoying this new batch of millionaire secrets! Care to share any of your own? Comment below!
– Drew




  • Dan Perez May 25, 2012 at 3:31 am

    Drew, I would be curious to know how you leverage your time and efforts… how have you become as successful as you have in the time period you did it in?