Millionaire Secrets – Susan Sly's Four Steps to MLM Success

Millionaire Secrets: Susan Sly's 4 Steps To MLM Success

Millionaire Secrets: Susan Sly's 4 Steps To MLM Success

Susan Sly is one of the most upbeat, vivacious, and successful leaders in the network marketing industry and a great success coach. Building up her life from being completely broke and wondering where her future was going, to becoming one of the top earners in her primary company, she has learned what it takes in life to be successful in anything she sets out to do. She hosts a training call each morning, even when she is traveling around the world as she strives to achieve her goals of global outreach and giving aid to the poor and needy in Africa, and this is one of the real nuggets of knowledge that she shares with everyone. Susan has a secret of success, but she is willing to share it for each of us to build our own success skills.

Susan Sly’s Millionaire Secrets

  1. Common ground – this should be the longest phase of any conversation and most important of Susan’s millionaire secrets. Finding common ground and developing a rapport with the person you are talking to is the key to cultivating a relationship, and the first step towards MLM success. Urgency and importance come from building tension around a deep cogent point that you both feel passionately about. Building tension about the weather is superficial and will not evoke the emotion that you are looking for. It is more about speaking to an emotion about something real – like the terrible situation in Haiti and how we can help. The concept is to “Slow down to speed up”.
  2. Affirm the person – compliment the person on what they do and what they have already achieved in life. Tell them what you like about them. Tell them why you would like to have them on your team.
  3. Ask permission – find out if it is alright to talk about a business or opportunity that relates to what you have learned about them and what they are passionate about. Is this a good time to introduce the network marketing industry? Would you like to learn more about an MLM opportunity? Can we talk about your goals and how we can work together to achieve them?
  4. Information – give them the information they are looking for to help them make their decision, and ask them if they are ready to take the first step! Virtually everyone is waiting to be asked. Then, get their information.

Think about these steps. People want to do business with other people, not with companies or products of faceless voices with no personality. People want to have trust before they commit to something new and adventurous.
We can all benefit from working with someone that we know to be knowledgeable and a great teacher. Sometimes it takes the right words, sometimes it takes a push in the right direction. Susan is such a person. Drew Berman, of course, is such a person, and there are many others. When the time is right you will attract someone like this into your life to take you to the next level.
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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  • tedbogan March 20, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Susan is so right here. People buy from you not the company you represent. So what kind of person are you.

  • Dave November 18, 2010 at 4:45 am

    Hey Drew and Seth, thanks for posting some Millionaire Secrets from Susan Sly! These tips seem so straight forward – almost common sense – yet it’s easy to find ourselves totally forgetting simple conversational “rules” when talking with people with whom we are not familiar. As leaders, it’s up to us to make the effort, to make others feel comfortable, and to give them what they want. Love it, guys!