Mindset Mastery with Paul Finck

mindset mastery with paul finckWhat you think about, you bring about. When I am out and about in the market place I focus on the type of business partners that I want to attract.
And I focus on a certain type of person.
Someone with leadership skills. Someone who is playing the game at a high level. I’ve trained my mind to attract Paul Finck to my reality. What is mindset mastery? Who is Paul Finck?

Mindset Mastery

mindset mastery with paul finck
Mindset Mastery, like everything else, takes time and patience. It takes practice. It takes focus. What you focus on expands. You want business mastery? Focus on mastering the mind. You want life mastery? Start with mind mastery.

Paul Finck

Paul Finck is an International Sales Trainer, business coach, best selling author, and, father of 3 sets of twins. You read that correctly, 3 sets of twins.
Paul hosts a 3 day event called The Mindset Mastery Experience. I attended a few months ago. We learned about doubling your business, having more free time, and having more fun.
So we decided to collaborate. We wanted to bring the best of both worlds together. The best of business training, sales and marketing, finding more prospects and the law of attraction. The best of personal development meets network marketing meets today’s entrepreneur. The best of Drew Berman meets Paul Finck.
Our Extreme Lifestyle Bootcamp is coming up. It’s June 6&7 in Tarrytown NY. This for people that work hard and play hard. It’s for folks that are ready for the best year ever. It’s for those who are about results not excuses, those that want to go from good to great.
Paul Finck is about life mastery, business mastery and mindset mastery. Let us teach you what we have learned … So you can live life eXTREMe

Paul Finck’s Mindset Mastery, with a little something extra for Extreme Lifestyle Bootcamp attendees

See ya there?
PS – There will be a VIP networking event during the Bootcamp. If you have some colleagues or clients that you would like to attend with email me for discounted ticket opportunities.




  • Sandra G. May 7, 2015 at 10:51 am

    I had the great fortune to attend The Mindset Mastery weekend hosted by Paul Finck down in FL in Feb. This will be a very powerful event that you should not miss! In fact, bring anyone you would like to see become more successful. It will change your vision of what’s truly possible! GET THERE!

    • Drew May 11, 2015 at 9:52 pm

      thanks Sandy – that event in Florida was great for sure… We’re gonna bring it up a notch – this event is going to empower a lot of people –
      See ya there