MLM Review – Attraction Marketing – Mike Dillard's 7 Video Series

When I began in MLM under the leadership of Drew Berman and was at ground zero on learning about network marketing, Drew strongly recommended that I start by viewing Mike Dillard’s 7-Video Series on Attraction Marketing…and so I did. Though this is not a perspective of a company in the MLM space, my MLM Review of this fantastic tool set follows.
Mike Dillard is an expert in direct marketing and MLM training who runs a multi-million dollar business by implementing what he refers to as Magnetic Sponsoring techniques.
His main philosophy is that the “old school” of sponsoring/recruiting, such as creating a list of friends and family and cold calling prospects, are no longer effective and should be replaced with the “new school” techniques which take advantage of what the internet world has to offer. He claims that these techniques will ATTRACT an endless stream of leads which will be seeking you and anxious to sign up with your company regardless of your product – hence, the Attraction Marketing concept. In the words of Mike Dillard, you will become the “Hunted not the Hunter”.
The video training consists of the following 7 videos:

Video Key Message
#1: “How To Get Invited – Why Cold Prospecting Methods Are Dead, And What To Do Now” If you are viewed as an expert, prospects will seek you to learn from you and ultimately will want to join your business and buy your product – strive to continuously increase your level of knowledge through ongoing mlm training.
#2: “How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Want To Sell” Need to promote your business as a solution to their problem and stop concentrating on selling your product.
#3: “The Two Types Of People To Recruit For Your Business And How To Find Them” Target prospects are either product consumers or potential business partners.
#4: “How To Turn The People Who Said ‘No’ Into Profit” The conversion of a prospect needs to be their idea not yours – stop high pressured sales techniques.
#5:“How To Get Paid To Prospect” Need to build a marketing pipeline by implementing direct response advertising techniques to make a steady stream of income which will subsidize your ongoing recruiting costs.
#6: “How To Write Effective Ads” Use effective trigger words that provide solutions to problems. Inclusion of testimonials is very effective.
#7: “How To Attract Wealth and Distributors To You’’ Do not concentrate efforts on selling your product or company’s compensation plan. You should market your expertise and solution to their problem.

I found that each video left me with a sense of eagerness and anticipation for the next one. On average each video was 8 minutes long. Drew Berman was right – there is a lot of mlm training and insight to be gained from these videos on attraction marketing whether you are new to network marketing as I am or part of the “old school” MLMers who are open minded to learning and implementing new online marketing strategies. At the end of the video series, you can elect to purchase the full Magnetic Sponsoring Course for just $39.95 which is the in-depth follow-up training course.
I’d like to end my MLM review with a quote from Mike Dillard, Take every opportunity you can to LEARN. School is never out for a pro. So what are you waiting for? This link will lead you to a page where you can enter your name and email information and be scheduled to receive 1 video for the next 7 days directly to your email. The videos are FREE — you have nothing to lose, but knowledge to gain!
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Vivian Buchla.

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