MLM Review of Brian Fanale – MyLeadSystemPro Co-founder and Internet Rockstar

As we continue our Everyone-Who-Is-Anyone series, we want to remind you to check in over the weekend because we’re going to have some BIG NAMES in the series posting! I can’t tell you who they are – it’s a surprise! – but it’ll definitely be worth taking a few extra moments away from lawn mowing or whatever other weekend chores you have going on! :-) Plus, a particular BIG BANG – two-for-one – will post on Sunday in celebration of July 4th! On with the show!!!

I don’t know if you feel this way, but I have to say that when I look at the Who’s Who list of pundits in Internet network marketing, it seems to me that their average age is somewhere in the late twenties. What happened to my generation? Sometime I feel like I am playing catch-up when it comes to all of the internet tools necessary to up my marketing game and to reach my dream of a wonderfully successful home based small business. So it really came as no surprise when I found the amazing system called MyLeadSystemPRO (previously known as MLMLeadSystemPRO and commonly MLSP) (see!) and discovered yet another 20-something year-old driving the experience: Brian Fanale. Here is another twenty-something year-old Mensa type who bills himself out as The Internet Rockstar. I wasn’t sure at first if I should take a deep sigh and lament about being surpassed by these wiz-kids on their way to stardom or to just relax, sit back, and listen for a while. I am so glad that I chose the latter.

Brian Fanale is a very bright man, yet you’ll hear a similar story from him that you hear from many other now-successful MLM’ers – three years of total losses to the tune of 10′s of thousands of dollars following traditional methods. That seems to be what most people do – follow traditional methods and “invest” a lot of money in their new career (only to quit). Brain earned a pre-Med degree, which hangs on his wall, yet always wanted to play music and make it big. His choice to ditch the medical degree and a career of 18-hour days and join the network marketing industry was, in retrospect, a lucrative one. Only a relatively short time ago, after changing his business philosophy and subscribing to attraction marketing, he partnered with a couple of other industrious, inventive, far thinking people – Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer – and created the most impressive tool that I have ever seen for internet marketing – MyLeadSystemPRO – and it truly rocks! Today, of course, Brian Fanale comfortably sits among the elite leaders of the internet network marketing industry.

If you’re familiar at all with the multifaceted service MyLeadSystemPRO offers, know that the marketing copy is compiled by Brian. He’s a master copy writer. In fact, the Wednesday training call marketing material is crafted by Brian as well! Truly top-notch! On top of that, Brian is highly skilled when it comes to video marketing and has contributed hours of video training within MLSP on the topic of video marketing. He has also, in fact, contributed video marketing training to one of Mike Dillard‘s latest products as well! This is truly telling since an organization like Magnetic Sponsoring only serves the best of the best to their customers. Kudos don’t get much greater than that!!! But the list of credits to Brian Fanale go on and on, far longer than we have time and space to mention here.

If you ever have the chance to meet Brian Fanale at an event, jump on it! I did! I took Drew Berman’s advice and booked my flight to Las Vegas! I look forward to meeting him – and many others – in a couple of short weeks! (Oh, and as a fellow musician, I look forward to hearing some of his music too!)

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