MLM Review of Jim Chao – Teaching the Techniques

MLM Review of Jim Chao

Jim Chao

In preparation for this MLM review, I am sitting here listening to videos created by Jim Chao. I have watched these videos many times before. Jim is one of the brains behind Viral Content Magic, one of the most powerful MLM and Internet Marketing industry training sites available on the Net. Jim is a young, twenty-something who has worked out the formula for MLM success, and he is willing to share what he has learned.

Jim started in the MLM industry when he was 18 years old, struggled for years, and pretty much failed. He is like more and more of the youth of this county who are recognizing that the job that their fathers did or do is not designed to bring them the lifestyle that they are really dreaming of. There is a strong desire to become successful as an entrepreneur and not to work in the corporate world or in the service industry for the rest of their working lives. With this in mind, Jim persisted in learning what he needed to succeed, did not give up on his dream, and it payed off. Here he is, in his early twenties, and willing to teach us all we would ever need to know to build a massive, passive income.

I can understand all of this. I went the corporate route for decades, but I am no longer interested in that myself. So, if these 20-somethings are developing working formulas for generating endless leads, I am all ears. Luckily, Jim is all about helping and talking about it…teaching his techniques.

When approaching the business of marketing on the Internet it is not the same as traditional marketing and advertising that we have been bombarded with for years, on TV, in print, and on radio. These methods have been tried on the ‘Net and they are ok at best. But, that isn’t the way to become successful in the network marketing industry and marketing on the ‘Net. There is a much more sophisticated model and Jim has put together a series of videos that are for training us in the techniques that have worked for him. These are the same methods that he was taught that put him in the five-figure per month category.

To conclude this quick MLM review, Jim Chao is the real deal. He is engaging and sincere in his beliefs, and very clear in his instructions. There is nothing better than a successful MLM coach to guide the way. Bring it on, Jim! And bring Kenny and Dave along.

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From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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  • Drew June 30, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Seth – thanks for putting up this MLM review. Jim Chao is a great role model for the young generation. In fact Jim Chao is a role model for the older generation too. This was well done. Thanks for all you do – Drew

  • Dave June 30, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Amen, Seth and Drew! This mlm review is right on! I've spoken with Jim Chao, together with Drew, and he is all about helping out, answering specific questions, and adding value. I have also had the privilege of using the Viral Content Magic product as well and, fittingly, it's rock solid. Seth has included some links to more detailed reviews on VCM in the original post above . You really should check those out. Thanks Seth, Drew, and, of course, Jim!