MLM Review of Jonathan Budd – The Path of the Warrior

MLM Review of Jonathan Budd

Jonathan Budd

Over the next few weeks, as we head towards a network and internet marketing mega-fest in Las Vegas, we’ll be providing a number of MLM review blog posts about many of the speakers who will be presenting in Las Vegas. Some of these folks like Brian Fanale and Cedrick Harris, we’ve already covered here. Be sure to check in soon for the next MLM review!

Jonathan Budd is a self-made millionaire, and he is still in his 20′s. He lives a lifestyle of sun and beaches while he makes his videos and his income. The main thing about Jonathan is his sincerity and believability. He speaks from the heart in his videos and is engaging and challenging in his ideas.

Jonathan Budd offers his 7 Figure Networker System and his collection of training DVDs, of which you can learn a lot more by going to his website.

One of the main concepts that Jonathan speaks about in his video blogs is The Path of the Warrior. This is a concept based on the Toltec way that is taught by Don Miguel Ruis in his amazing series of books, which include “The Four Agreements” and “The Voice of Knowledge”. He expresses it very well, getting into the metaphysics and philosophy behind these concepts which will help each of us to be successful in our live, should we chose to follow this path.

True to a self made millionaire, perhaps his most compelling message is that the average result of someone striving for success is failure. This means that the average person who strives for success meets with failure. Therefore, you cannot be an average person if you want to reach success. You have to be extraordinary and follow the path of the warrior. Very interesting stuff! It is about accountability and taking responsibility for everything in our lives. It is about learning from our actions to take our lives to higher levels. I’m in.
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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  • Dave June 30, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    Heckuva insightful mlm review on Jonathan Budd, Seth! In many ways, he sounds a lot like Drew. I particularly like the point you made regarding Jonathan's notion that you cannot be just average and expect to be very successful. If you want to be crazy-successful, you have to be extraordinary! Anyone out there have stories of how their extraordinary effort led to a huge success? (I love those types of stories!)