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Katie Freiling MLM Review

Katie Freiling

Here, among the heavily male-dominated presenters at the upcoming No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas (this coming weekend!), this MLM review is for the one and only female presenter, Katie Freiling. I know that there are many very powerful women in the network marketing industry, and I personally know some of them, so I was surprised not to see more women presenting at the Summit. However, I have come to realize that Katie is one of the most successful networkers on the internet. She is great behind the camera, very easy to watch and listen to, and she has great messages to deliver about self-belief and confidence. That is what makes her such a valuable asset at the Summit. The bottom line is that the message is what is so important, not the one delivering it, but the one delivering it has to be clear and sincere, and they must practice what they preach, and Katie is doing just that.

What makes someone so valuable to us as a resource, or as a mentor, is what they believe about life and business, and if they are able to teach the best of their practices and beliefs to others. It is one thing to know great techniques for marketing or networking and it is quite another to be able to coach others to become the best that they can be at marketing and networking. What it boils down to is how you picture yourself and how much you believe in yourself.

Katie has some wonderful mentors in her life, such as Eckhart Tolle and Robert Kiyosaki. Many of her lessons have come from reading their books, listening to their lessons, and taking them to heart. Some of these concepts are living in the NOW and believing in oneself. She asks “Do you love yourself?”, because it is a major key to being sincere and successful in relationships of any kind.

All of this self-confidence and success had come at a price, having earned a small fortune for herself by the age of 23, only to lose it all in the economic downturn. It was these major setbacks in her young life that drove her to dig deeper and investigate who she really is as a person in the social and networking world. Through her techniques of internet marketing and her self branding she has become extremely successful, most especially in utilizing Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Yet, at the same time, Katie’s most important message to us all is to believe in ourselves.
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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