MLM Review of Mike Dillard and the Law of Attraction

As you may know, there is a mega marketing event coming up quickly. It’s in Las Vegas and it boasts the best of the best – 20 or so of them anyway – that the Network Marketing Industry has to offer today. In celebration of this event, we are putting together a write-up – an MLM review, if you will – of each of the speakers. We hope you thoroughly enjoy these perspectives. Please feel encouraged to add your perspective and stories in the comment section below!

When I first started dabbling in the network marketing industry and turned to our great new marketing tool, the Internet, to break into the business I was pretty much overwhelmed by the possibilities and had very little idea of how to proceed. I am computer-literate, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the technology, but by the approach. What to do now? I started searching for someone to give me sage advice and I very quickly learned about Mike Dillard. Why is that? Because he practices what he preaches and attracts people to him like metal filings to a magnet. It is no coincidence that he calls his course on internet marketing Magnetic Sponsoring. He is a magnet.

Mike Dillard was waiting tables when he decided there had to be a better way to build a future. He had thought about becoming a biologist when he started college until his partying took the life out of his college career, so he bagged that and changed to marketing. He knew from his early years in college, however, that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, not a corporate ladder-climber. His real education came through sitting in a well-known bookstore and studying the books there. He left college with a 2.0 average…just by the skin of his teeth. However, he knew more about marketing and the way to think for success than any of his school-mates.

Mike packed up and moved out west to work with an acquaintance who was in a very successful network marketing company. Then 9-11 happened and he turned around and went back to Texas for a J*O*B. It was at this new job that he learned how to make cold calls and work lists on the phone – a great skill for a network marketer-to-be to learn – but he hated it. From there he went into direct, door-to-door, corporate sales. Ouch! From these wonderful jobs he went to waiting tables while starting to build his MLM downline for his passive income business.

The Magnetic Sponsoring series began as a training manual for his MLM downline, which became more and more popular with leaders in other companies. Now it is a manifesto for success in the internet marketing world.

To summarize this MLM review, Mike Dillard is an engaging and very real person who learned by going through the grind and finding the steps it takes for success. He has gone on to create the Black Belt Recruiting series, among others and all are excellent resources.

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I am truly looking forward to meeting Mike in Las Vegas next weekend!
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