MLM Review of Viral Content Magic Traffic Generation

MLM Reviw Of Viral Content Magic Traffic Generation

MLM Reviw Of Viral Content Magic Traffic Generation

By now you’ve done your research and have read many different MLM reviews on Viral Content Magic. You’ve heard all the keywords and/or phrases so much you’ve noticed a trend. For instance, this system provides a blueprint on how to succeed, it gives you all steps to follow from A to Z, and three gurus in this industry created it. Hogwash, I tell you!! Kidding, of course, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.
From what I’ve seen and heard, only having been through this course once, everything you’ve read thus far is accurate!! It is an easy-to-understand-and-implement system that, when followed correctly, can generate more leads than you can handle. But don’t take my word for it, let me prove it to you in this – the 2nd in my series of blogs reviewing this system and, more importantly, putting them to the test.
My 1st blog introducing Viral Content Magic landed on the 4th page of Google. “Not bad,” I thought considering it was my first blog ever and I had yet to learn and actually apply the secrets of Viral Content Magic.
Moving on, in this MLM review, the next set of modules introduce Traffic Generation, specifically Principles that Drive Traffic as well Methods to Drive Traffic. First off, the Principles that Drive Traffic can be easily defined by this formula… O + RC + LP + SM = BUZZ!!! “Clear as mud,” you might say, but listen, we are going through this together so give me a minute to explain. In a nutshell, when writing an article and/or MLM blog be sure to be focused, specific, and always stay on topic. Although I implied it earlier, don’t forget to be original. Get out of that robot mode we are all so comfortable being in and add you’re your own twist of originality. Here is another nugget I can share with you, taken from David Wood himself, it goes some thing like this…content on the most popular sites, getting the most popular votes, and having the best site SEO wins against the competition!! Keep that in mind when you are writing.
Let’s look at the Methods to Drive Traffic next. This one is pretty easy and probably falls into the I knew that and it makes perfect sense I just never thought to use it that way category. So lacking a cool formula I’ll just list them: Article marketing / video marketing / social medias / social bookmarking / press releases, to name a few. Each of these is a very powerful means to generate traffic and when they are combined then syndicated they will create numerous bridges of information leading potential prospects to your content. Think of TV shows being syndicated – same principal but it is as applied to methods for driving traffic to your website.
There it is – Module 2. From here it only gets better. We’ll begin to bring all these topics together and, trust me when I tell you, this is where the excitement begins!!! Keep in mind that I’m only scratching the surface of the detail that David Wood, Jim Chao, and Kenny Gregg give you in Viral Content Magic. They will go deep into actually how to get massive results. If you stop learning here, you would be doing yourself a huge injustice. Drop what you’re doing right now and fill in the form to the right. We’ll get you running with access to awesome tools like Viral Content Magic and others so you can get your face out there, your site visited, your content read, and your income stream flowing!
Look for the next blog in the series coming soon!
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by David Ostermayer.

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  • tedbogan March 17, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Hey Drew, I like this blog. Even though I am alittle confused right now on the how too, I know once I am in the fold you and the rest of the team will help me understand our system. This is great to be able to look at different ways of doing our business.