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Shawn Robinson MLM Review

Shawn Robinson

What is it like when a trainer and mentor himself gets “wowed” by a company? What is it like when someone who has been around the block – so to speak – and has experience in the network marketing industry gets a renewed sense of passion and motivation just because of the way one company is reinventing the game? This MLM review of Shawn Robinson will show you!

Shawn Robinson is a seasoned network marketer and as a performance coach has found a niche looking for ways to help people overcome their obstacles and reach their goals and dreams. Shawn has a background and extensive skill sets in sales training, coaching, management, team development, networking, and sales engineering. Shawn has his own website: where people who are new to the industry or someone who just happens to be stuck at a certain level or roadblock can go to seek the guidance and reassurance to work through their challenges. I happen to be an associate of Drew Berman’s and I met Shawn through Drew and Shawn is full of energy and focus and is someone who knows what his goals are and knows how to go about achieving them. He also employs numerous tools that help him (and can help you as well) facilitate the delivery of his expectations. A truly favorable MLM review – contact Shawn as soon as you can!

With that being said, Shawn is not the first of networking and internet marketing coaches, gurus, and trainers to really see the way that a certain company is virtually revolutionizing the way that network marketing is being done. Think about it. There is something to be said about when one company has many higher thinking heads turning because of what it is doing that that alone is called credibility. I know that there are hundreds and hundreds of companies and their respective associates out there all hungry to welcome you aboard, but doesn’t the fact that a single company that is catching many prominent figures’ attention kind of make you stop and think why?

Well, Shawn is indeed among those whose attention has been caught. So back to the aforementioned question: “What is it like when a trainer and mentor himself gets “wowed” by a company?” I can tell you from watching Shawn and talking with him that it is impressive to see someone who is already at the top of his game and already passionate and capable of helping others get such a powerfully renewed sense of purpose and motivation and promote a wave of prosperity, health, and wellness.

If we are all surfers in the network marketing industry than this wave that is forming and gaining velocity is one that should be caught with our boards at the ready, for it’s momentum and Shawn’s leadership could very well be the “big one” that we have all been waiting for.
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Al Davis.

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  • Shawn June 30, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    I appreciate your awesome review it makes me want to know me better! What it all comes down to is being able to help folks reach their goals. Help enough people do that and you will get all that you want. Being able to help people regardless of what opportunity they are promoting.


  • Seth June 30, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    It certainly has been a pleasure getting to know Shawn and watching him in action. We have some great things to do ahead!