MLM Review – The First 90 Days Made Simple by Kathy Robbins

MLM Review - The First 90 Days Made Simple

MLM Review - The First 90 Days Made Simple

OK … so you got started in the network marketing industry, picked an MLM company, and began to enroll as many distributors as you possibly could. You thought you were on the road to financial success until that dreaded day when you realized that you weren’t producing the income stream you were banking on. In fact, it has come to a screeching halt! What went wrong? You had built an impressive MLM downline. Isn’t this how you successfully build a network marketing business? Sound familiar? Has this ever happened to you?
In the above scenario, the MLM downline team more than likely failed due to inadequate training and lack of direction. They were doomed to fail from the onset. In Kathy Robbins’ words, Just recruiting a new person doesn’t make you successful. You’ll only become successful if they become successful and their first 90 days are the most critical time in their career.
Building a successful and independent MLM downline team of distributors is exactly the concept that Kathy Robbins discusses in her The First 90 Days Made Simple 3-CD set. She is one of the top MLM training professionals in the network marketing industry with a background in teaching and financial planning. She has achieved ultimate success in network marketing business due to her no-nonsense style.
Kathy strongly believes that a successful team leader should assume responsibility for a new distributor by sponsoring the new distributor and not by simply enrolling them. A new distributor should be provided with a simple, proven, duplicable plan which they can easily implement and use with their own MLM downline teams.
Kathy’s MLM training program consists of the following:

  • Two audio training CDs
    • CD #1: Getting a New Person Started
    • CD #2: Designing an Action Plan
  • CD #3 – Comprehensive resource guides including sample action plans

The focus on CD #1 is on how to keep a new distributor in the business and helping them to become self-motivated, knowledgeable and self-sufficient enough to build their network marketing business without you being there every day. Kathy strongly encourages that you should conduct a business planning session within the first 48 hours of enrolling a new distributor into your MLM downline to create a 30-day checklist of activities and discuss a 90-day plan of action. The goal for these first 90 days is to get a new distributor into a habit of doing income producing activity every day and to help them slowly become independent of you. You need to make sure your new person has the knowledge, skills and tools to be successful. You need to monitor your new distributor’s progress, correct their behavior when necessary and reward them when they succeed. This strategy will help to retain the people you recruit in the business and help you earn the big prize — residual income.
The focus on CD #2 is on outlining a step by step process of designing a plan of action for the new distributor to follow during their 1st 90 days of enrollment. The sample action plans found on CD #3 are very useful for this step. The key to success for any plan is that it must be set on realistic expectations.
My own sponsor and team leader, Drew Berman, has been successfully implementing these very same steps with me and the team that we have been building.  He presented these CDs to me so that I can learn the process and become self-reliant in the network marketing business.  It is important to find a leader and mentor who is willing to take the time to work side by side with you in the beginning phases of your new business.
To conclude this MLM review, I feel that this MLM training program provides an easy to follow roadmap to implementing duplicable strategies for your new distributors which could bring much success to growing your network marketing business.
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Vivian Buchla.

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  • tedbogan March 22, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Kathy hits the nail on the head with this message. I believe in this too, that you need to help your new business partners not only get off to a great start but also teach them to teach others as well. You must understand first what it is they want to achieve with the business and then help them to devise a plan to succeed. Thanks Kathy!