MLM Tips to End the Year Powerfully

MLM Tips for 2012

MLM Tips for 2012

The most important of all MLM tips, as we come to the end of the year, is that your December strategy could mean a BOOM or BUST for you and your business in 2012. What you do now could make or break you and your business in 2012 and beyond! What are you gonna do?!? Here comes the end of December and the holidays and, you know what? No one wants to start a business in December. There is simply too much going on. Do you really believe that?
Did you know that experienced network marketers will have their best month in December whereas amateurs pack it in for the month? What is the cost of losing that momentum? December forms the foundation for, carries the momentum of, and creates the continuity for the upcoming year. Unfortunately, most networkers pack up by the 10th of the month. Are you ready to pack it in and risk losing out on massive opportunity plus risk never being able to ramp up the momentum as the new year gets under way? Heck, you still have 2 weeks left in the month! One of the best MLM tips I can give you: don’t blow that time away!

Year-End MLM Tips Includes Tax Implications

Also, among these MLM Tips, are tax implications – especially this year. Did you know that the IRS will pay up to $5,000 of initial start-up costs of a home-based business? It’s true, “UNCLE SAM” will help pay for the cost for you to start a new business! It ENDS THIS YEAR, however! So, if folks are waiting until January to come on as a new representative, you might explain that this is the reason you DON’T want to do that!

Costs incurred during the START-UP PHASE of a business are generally deductible over a 15 year period (i.e. each $1,500 in start-up costs would be deducted at a rate of $100 per year for 15 years). [IRC Sec 195(c)(1)(A)]

What is the “Special Deduction” for 2011?

Any taxpayer who begins operation of a new business in 2011, may deduct ALL start-up costs (up to $5,000 maximum) on their 2011 tax returns – no need to spread the deduction over a 15 year period. [IRC Sec 195(b)]

For more information about Special Home-Business Tax Deductions, please go to:

MLM Tips: call it quits now and lose momentum until February!

Taxes aside, at the same time as the inexperienced call it quits, the experienced networker is saying, “Fine by me!” Let them quit for now — it reduces my “competition” by 90%+. As mentioned before, that 90% will also spend the first 6 weeks of next year trying to rekindle their and their team’s enthusiasm because they lost all of their momentum, their continuity. That means they are, in essence, out of commission from December 10th until the middle of February, giving us experienced folks and people who know the December Phenomenon an incredible advantage over those who have closed their business for two months!
After all is said and done, about 20% of the people that we talk to are serious candidates. 80% are not.
In months like June and July — any month except December — the 80% give us lame excuses. They say things like, “I have to fix my porch;” “I’m saving for vacation;” “I just got back from vacation.” The list goes on and on — we’ve heard them all. Yet, we press on and keep talking to people. In December, however, that same 80% has an easy cop-out excuse: “Give me a call after the holidays.” What actually happens is inexperienced network marketers hear the same excuse over and over rather than a bunch of different excuses and begin to actually believe that nobody wants to talk to them until after the holidays! They believe the collective consciousness of the 80% and call it quits! Realize the fact that this seasonal cop-out excuse is actually just the same excuse as all the others but, perhaps, in disguise.
The magic in these MLM Tips is that the 20% that come to the table in the other months are “pretty interested” and the 20% that come to the table in December are highly interested, ready to buy, and ready to join. Why is that??? Just using a little common sense, ask yourself, what month of the year does a lack of money and a lack of time resonate the most? December. The 20% that are interested in December are likely to be more interested than average because they’re interested on top of the potential lack of time and money!
Your team is your most appreciated asset. And they appreciate you too! They look to you for guidance and direction. With these MLM tips, help them to appreciate the fact that December is going to be their time to shine. Plus, if the above MLM tips are put in place and implemented correctly, next year will be the team’s best year ever, and it’s really easy if they just follow this simple suggestion.
Meet with your teammates and ask them if they want next year to be a record year. Have them write or re-write a goal statement. Go over their goals with them, taking their goal statement and scheduling 8-10 hours of calls with them during the first 2 +/- weeks of December, helping them where they need improvement. Since December is such an easy month to recruit and you’ve made 18-24 hours of calls with people they have to many things going on, sign-ups, getting people started etc., the result is a skilled, growing, and authentically optimistic team when January 1st comes along. Of course, it’s never too late to start…so start now!
While others scramble to get their team re-started, you and your teams take these MLM tips, strategize, and implement and pull further and further away! How sweet it will be!
Best to you!
– Drew

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