Motivational Network Marketing with Jenna Knudsen

Motivational Network Marketing with Jenna KnudsenWhat do the acts of adopting puppies, road trips from Florida to California, and having your vehicle stolen at the age of eighteen all have in common?

The life, career, and network marketing coach Jenna Knudsen!

On this week’s Network Marketing Radio Show our special guest Jenna spoke to us over the phone to give some life lessons and tips on motivational network marketing.
After sharing the very intriguing story of her travels from Florida to California with her boyfriend that ended in Knudsen’s car being stolen, Knudsen dropped some very important knowledge on our listeners.
She stated that bad things happen to us all in life but it is the way that a person reacts to that particular situation that will ultimately shape them into who they will turn out to be later down the road.
Talk about motivational network marketing!
During the show, Jenna elaborates on this notion by explaining how she first got into the profession of network marketing. Knudsen was introduced to the field through a group of women while at a party. Though she admits to be extremely skeptical at first of the profession, Jenna soon realized that she was open to trying something that she had never done before because she is always looking for the next big challenge.

In this case, the next big challenge ended up being the next big break for Jenna and soon lead to the inspirational and fun journey of life coaching.

During some of her speaking events, Knudsen not only gives people the motivation that they need but also answers questions for those looking to get into the profession of network marketing but are a little bit skeptical about the rumors that surround the business.
In fact, during the radio show, Jenna breaks down some of the pros and cons to network marketing and addresses the myths that surround the profession as well.
Want to know what these pros, cons, and myths are? Check out the Network Marketing Radio Show for more motivational network marketing tips.

As Knudsen always says, “If it’s not fun, why do it?”

Be Great!
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