Multi Level Marketing Lead Generation Part 2

Multi-Level Marketing Lead Generation Part 2In my previous blog, I gave you seven awesome tips for lead generation in multi level marketing. Based on the enormous response to that blog, I decided to give you some more tips for a part of this business that many people struggle with. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Let me help you start on this awesome journey to success.

Multi level lead generation can be easy as long as you’re willing to work for it.

You can’t have a reward without some work. People aren’t just going to flock to you instantly. You have to put yourself out there. Find those leads and help them find you. Show them your amazing content and how you can help them with their problems that they may be having.

A referral program or system is a great way to reward those you’ve already converted while getting quality leads.

People like to talk. They like to talk even more about awesome stuff. If you’ve already successfully converted some folks, why not ask them if they’d be interested in spreading the word? You could set it up to where each person they refer could get them points. These points could be used to get a free product or a percentage of the sale. You could also do a flat finder’s fee. If your stuff is great, people will love to promote you to the others people they know. Of course, free products and money don’t hurt.

Another tip for lead generation in multi level marketing is to attend fairs and festivals.

You need to be where the people are. Set up a booth at a local fair or festival to showcase your company or products. The sheer volume of people that attend these kind of events is astounding. All you need is a couple of individuals to show some interest, and more people will flock to you. It’s kind of like when you see someone get pulled over. You’re curious as to what’s going on and what’s going to happen. You need to ignite that curiosity with the crowd.

Make sure you always have business cards or some kind of business identifier on you at all times.

This calling card of sorts needs to have your contact information: name, number, email, website, etc. You never know when one conversation is going to turn into a multi level marketing lead generation opportunity. Walking into a bank or supermarket can lead to all sorts of great opportunities. You need to be prepared to catch the interest of those you’re talking to. People aren’t going to remember you if you just say, “Email me at ________ email address”. They need tangible items that they can hold onto and call upon when they’re ready to get in touch with you.

Finally, you could always take the paid advertising route.

The Internet has developed into a massive part of everyone’s lives. People surf the web and use social media sites almost daily. Putting advertisements where people go could mean a big payoff for you. You could use Google AdWords to place your information on Google’s search results. Google AdWords is simple to use and inexpensive — you choose how much you want your budget to be, set up your preferences, and BOOM you’re advertising on Google. You’re only charged when people click on your website. Another great place to place advertisements are social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These show up in people’s feeds and your advertisement can be customized to suite your needs.

I hope you enjoyed this second part of multi level marketing lead generation.

Remember that this doesn’t have to be scary, but rather, it should be quite the opposite for you. Lead generation can be exciting and dynamic and simple to do — if you’re looking in the right places. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there; you will have lots of interest, but you’ll also have some rejection too. You’re going to have to deal with that rejectionbut I promise it will all be worth it.
Be Great!
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  • Jonathan Ahn June 27, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    To find success you must definitely put yourself out there. You must be where the people are to bring your content to them. I totally agree with this and all your other great tips. Thanks for sharing!