Multi Level Marketing Lead Generation

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Multi Level Marketing Lead GenerationWhen you think of multi level marketing and lead generation, what comes to mind? Fear? Excitement? Nervousness? Well, I think that you should feel pumped about getting your product and business out there, but I know this can be nerve wracking for a lot of people. Today, I’m going to share with you my personal secrets for lead generation. If you can follow these tips, I know you will be successful beyond your wildest imagination!

There are seven main strategies for multi level marketing lead generation…

1. Be sure to start with your warm market. A warm market consists of the people that you know already. Get out a piece of paper and write down everyone that you know. You may not want to work with friends or family (I personally do not), but that is your decision. It’s definitely easier to talk to people that you know right? That’s why you should always start with the warm market.
2. Next, lead with your product or service. As I have said before, products/service are the things that make people interested in what you’re doing. Nobody wants to just listen to you speak about your product; they want to see it and feel it! Lead your warm market to your products by saying, “Hey mom, just try this out for a month and let me know if you like it.” I bet that your mom is going to tell all of her friends about your amazing product or service. Boom! Just that easy. If it’s a good product, then it will sell itself!
3. Another great strategy for multi level marketing lead generation is to ask for referrals. Lead off by saying that you just got into a business and how great it is. You could lead by saying, “Hey, do you know someone that might want to…?” You fill in the blank there. I am personally involved in health and wellness, so I would say, “Hey, do you know someone that might want to lose some weight or change their life?” You could also apply this method to build your team by saying, “Hey, do you know someone that might want to earn a couple extra hundred dollars a month?”
4. You could reach out to successful business people and entrepreneurs. This is what I like to call a fourth party referral. You can say that you have a friend that is getting into a cool new business and ask if they know someone that would be interested in getting involved who lives in the same area. You’re basically referring somebody that you know is expanding a business in that area.
5. Technology is key for multi level marketing lead generation. YouTube is so, so, so important in this era. Get yourself in front of a camera and provide some great content with value to everyone out there. Educating, not selling, is such an effective method. Be sure to include a call to action at the end urging the viewer to click a link, watch a video, etc. You get the point!
6. Another great new technology is webinars/live video sessions. These can be done via Blab and Periscope. Put your knowledge and skills out to the public for free and they will come flocking. People will start calling you! I love using Periscope and frequently hold live webinars for people to freely ask me questions and sometimes I have a guest speaker on there. It’s great stuff!
7. Finally, and this is the most important, be sure you’re having fun. If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point? I love this business and I’ve had more fun than I could have imagined. If you don’t love what you do, then it’s going to drain you. MLM/network marketing can be a expensive hobby or a very lucrative career, depending on how much you enjoy it and invest your time into it.
That’s all of my tips today for multi level marketing lead generation. I really hope you got some value out of this. If you did, please feel free to like, share, or comment! If you have any questions, you can always reach out to me directly and I will get back to you.
Be Great!
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