My Head Is Filled With Marbles!

Literally. I am in Marblehead, MA. We are less then an hour north of Boston, on the coast. We are house guests at an elite community, surrounded by 7 yacht clubs and maybe 1500 boats in the harbor. We have a view of the water from all sides. A 5 minute walk to Castle Rock brings us to the ocean. I heard there was a sign that said “real world this way, Marblehead that way”. We are about to launch our kayaks into the harbor and do a tour by boat. Bob Marley is playing in the background. Olivier (it’s French) the cat just plopped down next to me. My hostess just handed me a Bellini. I never thought we would ever be able to top last night’s sunset. I have been all around the world and this is up there with the best memories of my life. The best part is I get to travel with my son and my bride. It can’t get any better than this. Actually it can. And it will. When you are in the driver’s seat of life, life keeps getting better and better. Next week I’m in NYC. The week after that, at a beach house in Maine. Can you imagine having CEO income without having a boss? What would you do if your monthly income became your weekly income? You deserve this lifestyle. The only thing missing from this is you. I look forward to our paths crossing. Happy summer, 2009. Remember, these are the good ol’ days. Let’s create some memories together.

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