Network Marketing Email Secrets

Network Marketing Email SecretsWhat if I told you that there is a simple way to earn more revenue in your network marketing business? I’m talking cold hard cash in your pocket with the click of a button! Would you be interested? It’s something that we do every single day without even thinking about it. It is as simple as this: email. That’s right, I said email. Emailing, if done right, can take your business from amateur to professional in zero time!

Today, I’m going to share with you a couple of the best network marketing email secrets that I learned from my coach and mentor, Ray Higdon.

Emailing your list consistently can generate thousands of dollars in revenue for you and your network marketing business. I’ll say it again; emailing equals money, cash, bucks! I should know; I once made $9,000 from one email that I sent out to my list. Now, don’t just go out there and start sending email after email with random stuff just hoping that someone will be interested. Here’s what you need to do…

A key to success with network marketing email is understanding that you don’t have to send out multiple emails per day to your list.

In fact, it is better for you to send out one really great email per day. One simple email can do so much for you in terms of leads. But remember, you need to be providing value to all of those on your list, even those who will never buy anything from you. Even though some people may never buy anything from you, they could possibly tell their friends and family members that will buy your product. If you’re consistent and provide value, people will feel compelled to share your information with their friends and family.
Another great secret for network marketing email success is to make sure you’re not just pushing people to sales pages in every single email.You need to make it personal! Stop trying to just sell, sell, sell. People don’t like to be seen as just another number or dollar sign in your eyes. You need to get members on your emails interested and actively engaged in your email. This can be as simple as adding a PS line that says, “Reply to this email if you’re interested in working on a project with me personally”. I can guarantee you that you will get replies. People will love the chance to work with you because they will feel like they’re a part of a secret club!
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Be great!
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