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Network Marketing Monetization Planning - Bill ConstainOn the Network Marketing Radio Show, I teach those who want to get into the profession of network marketing the skills they will need. I teach people how to make the field of network marketing into a lucrative, six figure grossing, business. Some of the ways I do this is by speaking to guests who have had great success in the field or related to the field and have them share some tips of being successful in this business.
One of the topics that often comes up in the radio shows is the amount of money that has to go into becoming a network marketing entrepreneur. As I have always said, network marketing can either be a very expensive hobby or a lucrative business.  A person has to know a lot and be well trained in order to be successful in this profession. One of the most useful things to learn about network marketing is the monetary aspect and the importance of financial planning.

Fortunately, who better to give tips on financial planning than the CEO of Freedom Wealth Services.

Our guest on this week’s Network Marketing radio show is Bill Constain. With over twenty years of experience in financial literacy and planning, Bill Constain is the founding member of The National Association of Financial Advisors. He is also the founder of The International Who’s Who Professionals, The Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives, and Freedom Wealth Services. Constain also leads a team of financial advisors who service business owners and corporations in order to help them avoid financial mistakes and maximize their current lifestyle.

Talk about network marketing monetization planning!

Bill is known for giving tips on how to grow ones money with great return rates to fight off inflation. These tips prove to be useful in the expensive profession of network marketing. One of the reasons for this is because Constain teaches individuals to grow their money, make it tax deferred, and access it without having a taxable event. Constain guides individuals in financial planning with a team of advisors that he has assembled. On his website, Constain shares videos and gives tips that assist those who are ready to learn about saving and spending money strategically. He also tells about different strategies that a person can implement to save money on taxes, ways of guaranteed income, and more.
Financial planning is a very important concept not only in the field of network marketing but for general reasons as well. It is a key part of being able to function well and not planning successfully is one of the most prominent issues that most people have. Not having a financial plan in place is one of the most common mistakes people make and also the most helpful tool in today’s economy. Without the proper monetization there can be no marketing organization.

It is never too late to hone in on this particular skill and get one step closer to having a stable financial plan in place to build your business upon.

Tune in today at 12:00pm EST to get tips on financial planning from the CEO of Freedom Wealth Services, Bill Constain!

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