The Power of Nutritional Cleansing

Power of Nutritional Cleansing

Power of Nutritional Cleansing

Today’s post about the Power of Nutritional Cleansing was contributed by Teresa Vicario. She has an amazing story! This is a popular topic. We written on it before.
Isn’t this a great title – “The Power of Nutritional Cleansing“? I LOVE that title! Let me say it again: THE POWER OF NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING…….yep….feels great. Those five little words have changed my life in some very profound ways.
Let me explain a bit about myself and why I know anything about the POWER OF NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING.
Twenty-three years ago I was diagnosed with Leukemia. Quite a shock, I can tell you. The shock was made more so because I had lost a fiance eight years earlier to this disease. It wasn’t pretty. In fact, it was so not pretty that it directed the way I thought of health and wellness for the rest of my life. I came out of that experience with one crystal clear thought: “I am NOT dying THAT way.” Thus began my odyssey to find what alternatives were out there.

I explored it all. Vitamins…minerals…diets…energy work. I took pills and potions and powders. I ate glop that looked like it was scraped off the bottom of a swamp and tasted worse. I found “cleansing” about half way through this journey. Of course, there is “cleansing” and there is CLEANSING. More about this later. First, let me go through those five words again and take it apart. THE POWER OF NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING. (bear with me….I love those words)

The Power of Nutritional Cleansing, Broken Down

What do I mean by “power?” It’s a simple word really…often overused. Why did I not just say: The Benefit of Nutritional Cleansing…or…The Ins and Outs of Nutritional Cleansing? Why the word “power”? I use that word because it is perfect. I want you to think BIG…STRONG..think big, black, stealth airplanes…think Superman….think BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. That’s the power I am talking about here. A power that does not play nice with the enemy. What enemy, you say? Toxins. That is the enemy. Ohhhh yes…I hear the naysayers out there. The ones who are muttering, “my doctor told me the human body was designed to deal with toxins on its own.” That would be perfectly true….in a perfect world….one hundred years ago or more.
Alas and alack, while the human body has the same defense against toxins it always had, the level of toxins our bodies are now asked to deal with is beyond its’ defense. Our soil is depleted of minerals and nutrients. Our food is sprayed, waxed or genetically altered beyond all recognition, with chemical additives that try to make up for the loss of what nature intended our food to have in it. Our air and water are…..sigh..well the less said about our air and water the better here. The bottom line is our bodies are overrun with toxins and our organs cannot keep up. That is why we get sicker and sicker, younger and younger. That is why I need the word power in the POWER OF NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING.

What “Nutritional Cleansing” Really Means

What do I mean by “nutritional?” That seems a fairly stupid question, but for the sake of clarity let me explain. “Nutritional” meaning the opposite of “chemical.” (whew…I can hear my English teacher from High School yelling…”a word cannot be defined by its opposite!!” Sorry Sister.) It means something that is good for the body, that is from a natural and nurturing source. Who is the one back there muttering, “I get enough nutrition if just eat right.”? You there, please refer back to the “toxin” paragraph. You CANNOT get enough nutrition from our current food sources. They are too depleted. You would need to eat a ton of food to get enough to support the body. Not to mention just eating enough is not doing one darn thing to rid yourself of toxins.
Let’s move on to the word “cleansing”. What does that word really mean? We hear it a lot lately. Most people think of “cleansing” as a colon cleanse. They equate it with clearing the trash out of your colon; a good and valuable pursuit, to be sure, but it does not go far enough. Others think of “cleansing” as a “fast,” where you only have liquids, or lemon and water or green juice, etc. I’ve done all those and then some. Do they do something? Yes. I did 57 days over 3 months of the lemon/water/cayenne pepper/maple syrup thingie. I got rail thin and my blood work went out of control, not to mention I looked like I had been dragged backwards through a knot-hole. So, what do I mean by cleansing? As it pertains to the “Power of Nutritional Cleansing”…I mean ridding the body of both water soluble and fat soluble toxins. Most cleanses are only going to get to the water soluble toxins. (I found one Nutritional Cleanse that does both.) I refer to cleansing every last cell in my body. Removing toxic waste at a deep, cellular level, not just a colon cleanse or a liver cleanse or a gallbladder cleanse. (did all those) I wanted to be squeaky clean top to bottom, inside and out. Did I accomplish that? Yes. (trumpets please) Did my bloodwork go from ridiculously awful to in the normal for the first time in twenty-three years? Yes. Okay, now I hear the mutinous mutterers saying, “sure sure, and that’s ALL she did?” For once, I am with the mutterers. No, that is not all I did.

The Power of Nutritional Cleansing – Pulling it All Together

I found a program that removes all water and fat soluble toxins for starters. Then, this same program added 88 vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, amino acids, antioxidants and a load of SuperFoods from all over the world that made my eyes pop out of my well-educated head when I read the list. Actually, the list is longer than just 88…but don’t worry, I am not going to start listing them. (You can email me for a list for you techie-type junkies out there…I can cross your eyes with the best of them.) Then, I cleared my diet of starches and sugars. If you do not know what a starch or a sugar is…we need to talk. I drink eight glasses of water a day and exercise a half hour a day. Do I ever veer off this? Of course I do. I am human…just like all of you. But, once you have the tools to work with, your health is in your hands.
I am a Cleanse Coach. This is what I do as a result of years of keeping myself alive and out of the “statistics.” My clients have a zillion choices of what kind of cleansing they want. I recommend what I am doing because I know it works. To fully unlock the Power of Nutritional Cleansing, you first must be ready to transform your health and your body. I give them all the keys to unlock this puzzle. Do they all do it? No. Why? Beats the heck out of me. Maybe it takes a life-threatening disease to fully make you aware of the preciousness of your health. If any of you want to know what “program” I follow, feel free to contact me. Buy Now!
I am here to help. My advice is free. Please contact me here to learn more. The Power of Nutritional Cleansing is there for you, you only have to be ready to do it.
In Good Health to All……
PS: If you have any experience pursuing health and can appreciate the Power of Nutritional Cleansing as I can, please share your story and comment below!

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  • Seth February 22, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Thank you, Teresa, for sharing your story. There is no better way to cleanse and feed than the program that you are referring to!
    — Seth

  • Marvin February 24, 2012 at 5:07 am

    It’s nice to read your story. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Mayes February 29, 2012 at 4:03 am

    I agree with you, we all need to harness the power of nutritional cleaning for us to be back in the pink of health.

  • Dave February 29, 2012 at 11:44 am

    What a great post, Teresa! I love your writing style and story about your appreciation for the Power of Nutritional Cleansing! I look forward to hearing more from you here on Drew’s blog.