Overcoming Objections is as easy as ABC

MLM-prospectingThis is the third installment on how to overcome objections. You can see the other recent posts here and here.
Old school sales trainers teach ABC – Always Be Closing. This works even today.

Here are some new school ways of overcoming objections.

Always Be Caring – With a customer comes first approach, you will find your sales and marketing process to be easier. Always be complimenting, always be considerate, always be courteous. These sound like simple rules, and they are … Better news is that they work.
If you constantly focus on closing, you will have to get good at overcoming objections. As you grow from closing the deal, to opening a relationship, your business will improve. Everything changed for me when I went from selling to serving. Remember it’s not about us, it’s all about them.
There is another old school lesson… It’s called feel – felt – found. This is an oldie but a goodie. It’s probably one of the all time easiest ways of overcoming objections.
I understand how you feel.
I felt the same way.
What I found is (insert benefit of your product or service)
Here’s a new twist on a classic.
Felt – Found – Am
I felt … ( insert their main objection )
I found … ( insert main research or facts )
I am …. ( focused on solving; committed to helping; passionate about assisting )
These are small techniques that when used over time, will dramatically help you with overcoming objections.
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Tomorrow I will teach you 5 magic words that will make you a ninja master at overcoming objections.
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  • Sam Kern January 13, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    Good stuff here! Love the emotion aspect of overcoming objections. Keep up the great work!