Overcoming Objections like a Ninja Sales Pro

Successful SalespeopleIf you are a Wall Street Guy, a Network Marketer, MoMpreneur or Sales Pro …. Or anything in between – then you are probably used to overcoming objections.

There is so much pressure on business people and entrepreneurs today to be good at overcoming objections.

Whether you are brand new or you were selling before fax machines … You have to get good at overcoming objections.
But have no fear, there is a new way, a better way, to serving your prospects,customers and clients.
There are 5 magic words, when used properly will turn you into a ninja warrior selling machine.
Are you ready? Are you sitting down?
Real Estate agents are known to triple their income with these 5 words. Network Marketers can sponsor many more Reps with these magic words.
Can you handle it? Are you ready to be the best recruiter on your team? Want to learn the secret sauce to overcoming objections like a pro?
Ok – you asked for it.
Here are the magic words.
Since, when, now, once and however.
Here’s how they work. I am hosting a webinar on Thursday Night at 9pm called Sales and Negotiation Mastery with Paul Finck, The Business Architect.
Now that I have your attention, you might as well register at www.drewberman.com/webinar
(See what I did there?)
Since you want to improve your sales and negotiation skills, you should probably register for the free webinar at www.drewberman.com/webinar
When you register for the webinar, your mindset around sales and marketing will shift and you will become an expert at overcoming objections.
I understand you are busy. You probably have plans to watch The Voice or Super Girl on Thursday night, however, you’re more important then the characters on the boob tube … And you deserve to be on the webinar.
Once you apply the tips and techniques that we teach you on the webinar, you Will automagically be in the top 10% of your sales teams.
You are ready for the next level. You deserve more income and more time to enjoy it.
Go ahead and register now
I believe in you
To your success
PS: Once you register, tell a friend or business associate and get them on this free webinar as well!


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  • Sam Kern January 13, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    Love this! Sorry to see that I missed the webinar! You should definitely have another one over this.