Overcoming Procrastination

overcoming procrastination
Most people at one time or another have had to deal with overcoming procrastination and, whether it’s a habit that’s plagued you since grade school or just an occasional occurrence, chances are it’s keeping you from reaching your full potential. You’re not alone though! Millions of people fall victim to this routine, but never fear. Overcoming procrastination is just one stop on the road to success.

Why are you procrastinating?

Before we go into how to overcome procrastination, we have to figure out why you’re doing it. To each his own, but here are just a couple of reasons that might ring a few bells.

Lack of motivation

Maybe you’ve been assigned a boring project at work and just can’t muster up your everyday enthusiasm; maybe you’ve gotten into the habit of putting off going to the gym; or maybe you’ve been infected with a strain of laziness so overwhelming that you’d rather stay in bed and watch an NCIS marathon than go to work. When overcoming procrastination you need to remember self-discipline.

Fear of failure

Sometimes the reasoning behind procrastination is due more to anxiety and stress than anything. Maybe instead of a boring project, you’ve been assigned a really difficult one or a really important one that could be detrimental to the public’s safety if you don’t perform perfectly. Chances are if you were hired to do a job, your employer saw something in you that they didn’t see in the other candidates that applied so don’t let them regret their decision!

How to overcome procrastination?

So now that we have a good idea of why you’re procrastinating, let’s try and find a solution and overcome procrastination once and for all.


Time management is an important part of success, without it I’m sure some of the millionaires today wouldn’t be, well, millionaires. Set up a routine for yourself and follow it! The first few days are always a little rough, but soon it will fit you like a glove especially with a few helpful hints.
Life is messy sometimes though, things come up and you might find yourself deviating from your precious routine. Don’t be too hard on yourself! A routine is there to help, not hurt, you so give yourself a break. If you find yourself deviating from the task at hand (perhaps working on that tedious project mentioned above), try implementing a reward system: work on the project for, let’s say, 30 minutes and give yourself a reward afterwards. Sometimes you’ll even find yourself working longer than that predetermined 30 minutes.

Step into the spotlight

After a time you’re going to want to give up, but if you’ve notified your friends and family as to what you’re doing, chances are your pride’s not going to let you off the hook that easy. This works especially well if you’re looking to shed some of those unwanted pounds. Support is key and might be just what you need to keep going.
Remember that you’re only human. It takes practice and it takes time, but overcoming procrastination is a major stop on the road to success. If you need a little extra motivation and just so happen to be in the Fairfield, Connecticut area on October 5th, sign up for this workshop I will be hosting with Jeffery Combs. But hurry! Tickets are going fast!Ben Franklin on overcoming procrastination
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