The Power of MLM Events

The Power Of MLM EventsWe’ve written about The Importance of MLM Events before! Please check it out too!
Are you in an MLM company? Since you are reading this posting I certainly hope that you are. Either way, if you are building a business or just checking it all out, then read on to find out what the power of MLM events can do for your future and your business.
My company is Isagenix International, the company whose mission statement goes like this:
Our vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health-and-wellness company in the world.
Does this resonate with you? Hey, it’s not for everyone, for sure, but it completely captured my imagination when I first heard it.
(This isn’t just about Isagenix events, but read on to hear how it all went down…)

Looking for a better way led me to first of many MLM events

Two years ago I was looking for a new home-based business that I could use as my vehicle to change careers from a J-O-B (just over broke), working for people whose only real concern is to look good to someone else, for very nearly a fixed income, requesting vacation time for which I have to slave like an indentured servant, with no control over my life and practically no retirement possibility, with the threat of being laid off at any time (take a breath here), to being my own boss in charge of my future, my retirement, my legacy and my dreams. Which one sounds better to you? The latter is hard work, but the reward is financial independence, time freedom and optimum health – the pillars of Lifestyle.
So when I was introduced to Isagenix I did my deep dive research. I found a company that has the same values that I have – living healthy for as long as possible and caring about other people’s future in the process. I joined the company by opening up an account and a few weeks later I boarded a plane bound for Phoenix for my first of many MLM events – an Isagenix training event. I was completely blown away! I had three of the best days of my life. Being new to it all, I was a complete sucker for the rah-rah hugging fest that I experienced, but I also learned amazingly wonderful things about building a business and believing in myself. This is part of the power of MLM events. The people that you meet are there for the same reasons. You can’t help but to feel the power of a group mindset.

What to Expect at Great MLM Events

At really great MLM events you will be exposed to top speakers in the business. Motivational speakers, such as David Wood, Les Brown and Marcia Wieder, speak to your heart. You are surrounded by people who are ready to help you to find your inner strength and to help you to go for the gold ring. Also, you will hear the stories of people who are like you, or maybe way worse off than you are, who found their inner belief and have taken their lives into their hands to build themselves a future. Having this kind of event in Phoenix is so appropriate! So many average and struggling people’s failing lives are presented in stories of success, like the Pheonix rising from the ashes of the burnt out fire. The key words of the power of MLM events are belief and persistence.
Without belief there is no future. There is only the harsh reality of Now. Belief is what allows you to dream beyond your current situation and take actions steps to get there.
Instead of the ABCs, it’s all about CBAClarity of your vision, Believe in your ability to achieve it, and take Action steps to get you there (thank you Marcia Wieder, CEO and Founder of Dream University!). Sharing this with 5,000 other like-minded people is the power of MLM events. But then, to succeed, you have to be persistent in the discipline of action to reach your dream goals. Don’t dream of what you have now becoming better, dream of what you don’t have that you really want. That is your true future.
However, the other power of MLM events is being able to meet and get to know the founders and top management of your company. Also, you are there to hang out with the most successful people in your business. You can’t help but to get some of their fairy dust rubbed off onto you when you are rubbing elbows together, which is actually hugging endlessly in our company.
Yet the true power of MLM events is the feeling that you have when you get home and get ready to go to work. The final message is to take massive action. This is what leads to success. You can attend training events all you want, and you have to if you really want to learn the skills, but until you implement your plan you will be one of the 95% who watch from the sidelines.
We just returned from our annual Celebration event held in San Diego, CA. First of all, it was beautiful – San Diego is an amazing city! Second of all, we bought our tickets for Celebration 2012. You have to be there. You have to show up to play. What are you doing about it?
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts. Seth Lefferts is an entrepreneur, consultant and business owner. He has spent many years in the corporate environment and has discovered that there is a way out. He is now teaching how to utilize the skillset that it takes to break free and become your own boss, and how to realize your dreams. Learn more at www.DareToDreamNow.Us.

Thank you, Seth! Now, speaking of MLM events, just in case you haven’t heard about this – honestly, anyone and everyone in the online and offline marketing circles knows these guys by now, and knows about their knowledge and integrity – but if you haven’t you need to get to this MLM event. (I’ll be there too!!!) This event will feature speakers such as Mark Hoverson, Daegan Smith, Tim Erway, Todd Falcone, Ray and Ferny from SEO Networker, and many, many, MANY more! I can’t do this MLM event justice here so go check it out now!
Countdown to this MLM Event

Also, and where time is much more of the essence, there is another event and, though it is not specifically an MLM event, it is a marketing event that will be heavily geared towards network marketers, online marketers, offline marketers, small business owners, and so on. And this marketing training event has a twist! It’s the RockStar Marketing Bootcamp! Now, the reason that link goes to another post here on this blog is that at the bottom of that post there is a discount code. Use it and get a 90% discount! Check it out for more information – and, yes, they have real live rock star’s show up at these events – but don’t forget that discount code!
Countdown to this Marketing Event

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  • Leah Rose September 18, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Drew, this post The Power of MLM Events really emphasizes on how important attending an MLM event can be for your success! Thanks!

  • Etieno Etuk September 27, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    Awesome post, Drew. Attending MLM events is one of the keys to success in the business. Through attending events, people are inspired because they see others who are having success and then they say “If that one can, I can too”.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.