Psychologically Unemployable

So it is May 2009.  The auto industry is tanking.  Wall Street will never be the same again.  Forget about Real Estate.  The times they are a changin’.  What is the perfect business?  If you can wave a magic wand, would you want a business without overhead?  How about few or no employees?  In an ideal world, would you like to be recession-proof?  How about no commute?  Would it be nice to be in business without accumulating student loans?  What if – now I know we are getting a little crazy here – what if, in this perfect business, you had no income ceiling?  Can you imagine not having a boss, working only with people that you like, making a CEO income, and doing it all in your underwear?  Is it possible that a business like this can actually exist?  But what about the Government?  Don’t worry!!  Big Brother is watching.  But that’s okay.  Remember we are talking about the perfect business!!  What if you actually had tax advantages?  If you fill out a W2 tax form, then the Government takes it’s share, then you pay expenses, then you keep the rest.  In your perfect business, you pay your expenses, pay taxes on what’s left, and then keep the balance.  Big difference!  Welcome to the career of the future!  Behold Compassionate Capitalism!!  Alas – it’s referral marketing.  And it is better then you can possibly imagine.  I hereby declare myself officially unemployable!!!