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The following article is an excerpt from Act Your Way To Millions – Build Your MLM Empire with Communication Secrets from the Acting World, by Louis Di Bianco, a professional stage and screen actor and proud network marketer. Visit Louis’ blog at www.mlmmobster.com.

Network Marketers, here’s a wealth building exercise that you can do with your team. Plan a rank advancement party. All guests wear clothing that reflects the lifestyle they will have when they achieve the highest rank in their company.
When you arrive at the party, leave all your worries, all your obstacles, all your doubts and fears outside. The rule is to engage in positive conversations only. You will talk about achievements, hopes, plans, and possibilities.
Create the atmosphere of success immediately. Take turns describing your participation at your company’s next annual convention. It could be six months from now. Talk about it in the present tense. Paint a vivid picture that includes the team members with you, the amount of money you are earning, and how you feel when you are acknowledged on stage.
The present tense will usher you into the scene and allow you to live it.

This exercise in the law of attraction will also teach you a valuable lesson about yourself. Pay attention to your inner voices when you begin to talk about future affluence in the present tense. Does your mind chatter say things like, “This isn’t really true,” “Stop being silly,” or “Get real?”
You’re not alone if you hear those negative thoughts. They occur to everyone. Just observe them and turn down their volume. Calmly say to them, “Thank you for sharing. Cancel.”
Those voices are indicators of your belief system. They are telling you that you need to strengthen your belief in yourself and what you deserve in life. You can do that with personal growth CDs, affirmations, and positive reinforcement from your leaders and peers.
In another conversation, share your dreams with someone. Only use language that makes the experience immediate and real for you. Let’s say, for example, you share your plans to buy your dream home. If you say, “The home I would love to have…,” you are putting your dream beyond your reach.
Instead, own a statement like this, “I am buying a three bedroom stone house with a red slate roof facing a ravine.” Show people an actual photo of the house in a brochure or magazine that you bring to the party. Make this exercise a live vision board. You can do this the same way professional actors play roles unlike themselves.  Allow yourself the freedom to take a leap of faith.
The key that unlocks the door to this world is the MAGIC AS IF. Commit 100% to this game. Remember. You are a multiplicity of selves. Conjure one of them and fully inhabit that character in your very own movie. It’s your true character, and your movie is a true story.
The Power of Your Script
People often ask me, “How do you memorize all the lines in your script.” My answer surprises them. I don’t memorize lines. I absorb the character. I allow the lines to instill the character’s beliefs in me. When that happens, I’ve memorized the script.
You know, it’s actually easier to learn a one hundred and twenty page script than it is to memorize a long grocery list. Why? Because the items on the list have no emotional connection to each other. They are random. The lines in a script are bound together by a powerful common thread of belief. Belief and behavior define a character.
The person you are today is the result of a script that you’ve memorized. Create a new script to give birth to the person you want to become. Practice your script frequently. Repetition will drive your new belief into your subconscious mind. You’ll discover new behavior as you evolve into your creation.
It’s fascinating that a dramatic character begins as words on a page. They are inanimate. An actor absorbs those words, and they come alive. They manifest in the actions of a three dimensional being. What words and images do you want to manifest in your life and business?
Really think about those words. Choose them carefully. Write them down. Say them aloud with feeling every morning and every night before sleep. Infuse your whole being with the power of those words. Your business will explode and your life will transform.

Does this resonate with you? Can you walk the walk and talk the talk of the person you’re aiming to become? We can show you how. Schedule some time in my calendar and see how it’s done!


The first thing that everyone is asked to do when they join a new company that is being built upon our network of people, is to ‘make a list’. Although it feels hard at first, it is really quite easy to make a list of family, friends and acquaintances from each of our circles of life in which we move and with whom we interact. The hard part is to not ‘make up the mind’ of these people for them; to not pre-judge them and take away an opportunity that they may actually be interested in.

I know a lot of people who, a few years back, were doing really well in the construction industry. Many of them were very busy and making great money. Not wealth money but they worked hard and were living a comfortable lifestyle. Most of them took great pride in proclaiming how busy they were. You see, in that industry, busy seems to be a symbol of how successful you are. Each time I'd run into a construction friend after not seeing them for months, I'd extend the normal salutation, "Hey, It's great to see you, how are you?" The response was always, "Phewww, BUSY!" Today, not so much...

As a small child you could flip instantly between laughter and tears. You’ve watched children do the same thing, jumping from tears to happiness. A toy, a bottle, or a video will distract them and, in an instant, they're happy. They know something you've forgotten. It's your best kept secret and you’ve hidden it so well, even you can’t find it! Take a deep breath while we journey back to your future to learn how to unleash your hidden power house and help fill your life with the abundance you so richly deserve.

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