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On this week’s Network Marketing Radio Show I spoke with my good friend of eleven years Bill Constain.

Bill is a man who understands many different kinds of marketing from affiliate to network marketing. He is also very knowledgeable in wellness, budgeting, and finance. Constain has businesses in all fifty states and has been in business with me for ten years now. When asked what the field means to him Constain replied that network marketing is a personal development journey with a compensation plan attached and the more people you help, the more you help yourself. In the health and wellness niche Bill and I both currently serve under, the area is all about helping those around us in their journey to good health.
Bill got introduced to the field of network marketing when he was just twenty years old in 1989. However, a little bit before this, at the age of twenty, Constain attended Hunter college where he was working part time as personal trainer making fifty dollars an hour. During this time Constain’s best friend from high school, Jeff, took him to a meeting in Long Island. It was there that he was introduced to the concept of network marketing. From then on Bill and his friend listened to eight dollar tapes and began to share their training with others.

Obviously, this was not a time where technology ruled the universe, I know, flabbergasting realization right? Anyway back to the interview.

Several years later Bill began launching business through personal trainers by pushing his own nutrition supplement that needed three components to work; exercise, sleep, and good nutrition.

Hence, this is how he got his beginnings in the field of health and wellness.

At the age of twenty-four, Bill decided to get into the financial world of wall street and used marketing to develop his name and become a registered financial planner. Not long afterward, he was introduced to another company and took a few years to actually join it. Constain only joined the company due to the want to lose weight and ended up working for the company (alongside yours truly). When Bill began to tell people about the organization that helped him lose weight, over two-thousand people began looking into it and became members of the health company. It was due to this vast popularity of the organization that Bill began to also share the name of it with his financial clients as well. Due to the decent health some of Bill’s clients informed his that they had to maintain, some people became partners in the company in order to motivate their health increase.
Not long after this Bill moved into the financial business world and not shortly after “Retirement Ready or Not” was launched, which is a program Bill began in order to help people with their cash flow and to track it. Through this program Bill teaches people about the benefits of having a residual income as opposed to a linear income. Residual income is money that continues to be garnered long after the initial effort. The program he created also helps individuals plan for retirement and increase their income by helping clients get home based business tax deductions as long as they have an intention to make a profit and work 4-6 hours a week with proof of a business.
Want to learn more about “Retirement Ready or Not,” Health and Wellness, residual income, or get some financial planning tips? Check out this week’s Network Marketing Radio Show with special guest Bill Constain!

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