Residual Income Coach

residual income coachA residual income coach is important, if you want a residual income business.
Michael Jordan needs a basketball coach. Derek Jeter needs a baseball coach. Someone who wants residual income, or wants a residual income business … needs a residual income coach.
I was chasing the dollars for many years with limited to no success. Then I started working with a residual income coach and joined a network marketing company … and everything changed.
He taught me how to evolve from selling to serving.
If you joined my network marketing team, I will be one of your residual income coaches. Many people on our team make residual income. Some even earn 5 figures a month.
Here are 6 secret ways to create residual income – these apply to all sales but are especially helpful in network marketing.

A Residual Income Coach will teach you to…

  1. residual income coachMake appointments Did our prospect get a chance to see a FULL presentation from start to finish including how the compensation plan can help them get what they want out of life? Don’t tell ’em anything until you can tell then everything.
  2. Look for people with C.O.I.N Look for people with a Center Of Influence and with a Network. To create a dream team, a team and a business that will provide residual income, it’s important to attract people who are more connected then you are.
  3. Power in the List Make a handwritten prospect List with your Sponsor’s help.
  4. Make a three-way-call Do this with your Sponsor already on the line. Once you get your sponsor on the phone, put yourself on mute. In other words – zip it.
  5. Invite to an Event Introduce your Sponsor to your close friend, relative or neighbor and have your Sponsor invite them to some form of a presentation.
  6. Embark on the learn and earn program Watch and listen to your Sponsor book 20 appointments out of 25 calls! (Watch and listen intently – this is your training while they are building YOUR business with you, not for you!) In other words, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself
  7. Get rich! Well, this step is bit over-simplified but you get the idea!

Find yourself the right Residual Income Coach for YOU!

If you are looking for the right team to join, or the right residual income coach to work with, or just need some guidance… email me here!
To your success
I hope you have found these ideas helpful. Please feel free to share and comment. Join the conversation – what would you do …. if you had residual income …. if you had a residual income coach … if you had a residual income business … ?
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