Residual Income: From Yale to Jail

residual income businessDo you have a residual income business?
From Yale to Jail, you need a residual income business.
From teacher to athlete, you want residual income.
From baby boomer to millennial you need, want and deserve to create a lifestyle by design. You don’t want to work hour to hour, paycheck to paycheck. You want a residual income business.
So I have to tell you about my two friends. Lets call one of them “Jared” and the other “Sammy” . This is a true story except for the names.
Jared went to Yale. He lives in the North East. He has had 3 jobs since I have known him. Jared was the Director of a Hospital. Then he got recruited to run an office of medical doctors as the CFO. They treated him like garbage, and let him go. He had to sue them because they recruited him out of his “good paying job”. Then he became the CEO of another medical practice. Between he and his wife they make about $400,000. Sounds like a lot right? residual income businessWell between their 3 cars, their live in nanny, their 2 million dollar home, and the cost of school for 2 kids… they are just getting by. I’ve been trying to get Jared to take a look at our business model, our residual income business for 3 1/2 years. He asked me the other day if he can really make money doing what we do. I said unequivocally YES. He said even if I cant get rich, can I at least make $1,000-$2,000 a month. I asked him if he and his wife made over $400,000 why would he look at network marketing to make an additional thousand or two. He said because an additional thousand or two would pay for his cars and his nanny, and would really ease the burden. Do you know anyone like Jared?

Residual income From Yale … to Jail

My other friend Sammy is a lawyer. But for the last dozen or so years he has been a Wantrapreneur. He never really liked having a “day job” – no residual income right? He always had good ideas. But never implemented. In his 30’s and 40’s and 50’s he went from course to course, had great ideas about entrepreneurship, but was always behind the 8 ball in the financial world. He was always BBB…. busy but broke… and he never took it seriously. Well because our business model offers front end money, and long term residual money. I build it and built it and built it and he watched and watched and watched.
Then I got THE CALL.
He needed to borrow money. He started having some marital problems and their was … uh oh…. some violence in the home. She started getting verbally abusive and sometimes even physical. It started to get really bad. Police were called and it went from bad to worse. Lawyers had to get involved and even social workers and there is potentially a threat of psychiatric help…. and …. even jail?
Which situation is worse? Not sure.
residual income businessBut I am so glad that I said YES to network marketing. My wife and I enjoy our home, we have great kids, we travel often. We worked hard and continue to do so. We have residual income that keeps coming in, and we are certainly blessed that we have a residual income business.
From janitor to executive, you deserve to have a residual income formula.
From student to doctor, no matter what your path, make residual income
From corporate to entrepreneur, make sure that you have a residual income business
… and the one I recommend – is network marketing.
Love to hear your thoughts. Join the conversation – what is your plan so you don’t have to do what you do when you are 82… what is your exit strategy?

How will YOU create a residual income business?

To your success,
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