Robert T Kiyosaki: Rejuvenating the Human Spirit

Robert T KiyosakiRobert T Kiyosaki, well known for his bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, deeply believes in the power of the “human spirit”. Now – many people define this phrase in different ways, but I am talking about that something deep inside a human being that pushes them to dream big, desire positive change or hope for the better, become curious about the future, etc. In today’s times with high foreclosure rates and dwindling savings accounts, the recent economic downturn has caused many people’s spirits to become broken. As the news continues to predict what will happen next with the global economy, Kiyosaki spends his time teaching others how to do the total opposite of what the news is reporting by focusing on how to prepare for what lies around the corner.

Robert T Kiyosaki Breaks the Cycle

Kiyosaki is a teacher of financial literacy. He often quotes the ancient Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” But contrary to the advice most Americans have been loaded with since childhood, his teachings often come as a shock to many who listen. Lines like go to school, work hard, get a GOOD job, save money and pay off debt are burned into our minds, but Kiyosaki largely disagrees with these age-old teachings, calling them BAD FINANCIAL ADVICE. By challenging and changing the way individuals think about money, he gives people a shot at reaching their dreams and gives hope to rebuilding shattered spirits.

Mind Exercise by Robert T Kiyosaki

Your “financial” mind needs to be exercised if you expect to make educated decisions about spending. Kiyosaki remembers his fathers, one rich and one poor, by saying his poor dad always put his mind to sleep when it came to money matters. However, his rich dad welcomed the challenge of overcoming mental hurdles because he believed the more he knew, the more money he would be able to make. This is the philosophy that has most impacted Robert T Kiyosaki’s life and continues to do so to this day. At age nine, he decided to follow his rich dad’s lessons about money. For him, it was being able to directly compare the mindsets and lives of his two fathers – apples to apples – that gave Kiyosaki the advantage of opening his mind to one day achieving financial freedom.

Today, Robert T Kiyosaki is recognized as one of the most influential financial coaches in the world. He has written bestselling books and now helps individuals become financially literate with mentoring programs designed by him and a host of expert advisors. Kiyosaki is paying it forward the lessons he has learned from his two fathers along with knowledge obtained throughout his adult life.

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  • Seth September 23, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    Drew, very interesting post. In this blog entry, called Robert T Kiyosaki: Rejuvenating the Human Spirit, you bring up some intriguing points about Mr. Kiyosaki that instill in me the desire to read more about him, and to learn more about what you are saying. I say, dream your biggest dream and act on it!

  • Max October 5, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    Drew Robert T Kiyosaki: Rejuvenating the Human Spirit was a great post. This begins the seed for me to change my mindset to become a Rich Dad.