Sales and Social Media Business Development: Max Steingart

Sales and Social Media Development Max SteingartThis week on the Network Marketing Radio Show we are going to talk about promoting, recruiting, and mastering social media in order to build your network marketing business.
In today’s society, everything (and I do mean everything) is beginning to revolve around technology. It is becoming almost impossible for a person to function correctly without being engaged in some form of it: whether you are reading a book or going to school, technology and its advances are everywhere you turn. For example, hard copy book sales are now in competition with digital book sales because of the easier access. Students now scramble to take online courses over the physical aspect of gong into a school building to learn because of the convenience factor. The same ideals run throughout the ever growing social media franchises as well. For example, in the past when people were network marketers or had a product to sale, it was a normal thing to go door to door and promote the product. Now with the rise of the social media empire, promotion is quicker and easier and lessens the hassle of leaving your house in order to promote it.
Some other aspects of network marketing that prove to be a breeze to organizations is the ease of recruitment, building a team, and generating followers (people interested in the product). Sales and social media business development is the big topic of discussion on today’s network marketing radio show.

Social media expert Max Steingart is with us this week giving the play by play on how to grow and promote your network marketing business online.

Since 1995, Steingart has learned to navigate and master social media programs, going on to teach his skills to others wishing to promote their businesses through them.

Just in case you misread the year, let me repeat that: Since 1995, Steingart has been mastered social media programs.That is way before MySpace, Tagged, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and most other social media outlets that rule the inter-web today.

In 1995, AOL was the new kid on the block so to speak and one of the first media outlets that Max learned to master. He found the notion of people connecting online to be intriguing and wanted to learn more about the differing ways that were available for them to connect, especially in terms of sharing business ideas. Shortly after, Steingart’s network marketing sales organization was launched and generated the attention of over two thousand people in less than two years before Max sold it off to a new buyer. However, by then, up-and-coming marketers were clawing tooth and nail to have Steingart either on their team or as their trainer. Afterward, Steingart released his first audiotape internet training program for network marketers called “The Perpetual Prospector” and two years later the “Success Online: Network Marketing in the New Millennium”. Max continued on with the Success online series of training modules through 2006 followed by a steady stream of others. Steingard later expanded his career as an author, public speaker, mentor and more.
Today, Max is known by thousands as “The Father of Social Networking” and continues live up to his name through his January 2015 release of home study video training modules and public teaching events. His work has assisted many people in the field of network marketing with their social media business development and other areas as well.

Want to learn to harness the power of the social media gods? Check back in this week to listen to social media extraordinaire Max Steingart!

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    Wow, you and Max rock. Thanks!

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    You and Max are great, keep it going !