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Sales and Virtual Uplines with Bob HeiligOn the show, I assist people going into the field of network marketing with turning what used to be an expensive hobby into a lucrative business.

Wondering how I do this? Simple!

Every week on the show, I invite some of my closest friends and experts in the profession to give some tips and tricks on how to survive in the network marketing jungle.

This week’s guest on the show is Mr. Bob Heilig!

The six figure (yes, you read those letters right) SIX FIGURE earning network marketing specialist. This week, Heilig stopped by to give us all the information one could possibly ask for on sales and virtual uplines.
Before getting into network marketing, Heilig worked in the medical field where he spent ten years in medical sales.
He was introduced to network marketing in 2001 and had three to four year stint with a company he joined. Needless to say and very similar to most, if not all entrepreneurs, Bob failed…horribly. However, throughout his failure, Heilig learned the valuable lesson of personal development. He began to improve his skills and learn which assisted him in the medical sales profession. In 2010, the establishment Bob was with at the time, laid off a lot of workers. Heilig was earning a lot of money but was living a low quality of life. In 2011 he gave network marketing another try and ended up joining a start-up energy company out of Connecticut. This company worked out perfectly for Heilig and over the course of the time he spent with the establishment, a team of 100,000 customers was built.
Needless to say, Bob very quickly garnered a six figure income from the profession of network marketing and learned a valuable lesson in the individuality that the field could provide. During this time, Heilig also learned about the process of residual income and heavily promotes the idea. Now guys, let’s not lose focus here. Yes Bob is very successful as a network marketer and yes he was able to earn a six figure income from the profession. But the one thing I always tell people is to never forget the importance of failure because if you do not know what it feels like to fail then you will never know what it feels like to succeed. On the show Bob shared the fact that he failed with at least three different companies before finding the one he was successful with… and even then, there were still problems. In 2015 the company that Bob thought was his Godsend turned out to be more of a fairy god parent… that just so happens to lay off their god children. The company shutdown their network marketing division, therefore leaving Bob to start over again.

Third times the charm though right?

Wrong. The third company that Heilig joined fell through in seven months after getting established. This (thankfully) lead to Heilig’s fourth and completely successful attempt at network marketing where he also simultaneously began to build his own company. It is through this company now known as “Your Virtual Upline” that Bob assist network marketers in their journey to become successful in their craft.

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