Salesperson Types: The Closer and The Consultant

Salesperson TypesThere are multiple salesperson types, but in this piece we will focus on just two – The Closer and The Consultant.

Salesperson Types: The Closer

The Closer is the person that people do not look forward to when they walk on a car lot or step into a furniture store. But this salesperson type is effective at what they do. They get the sale, usually with high pressure sales tactics, but they do get the sale. They use terms like, “if I could, would you?” Not the salesperson type people tend to enjoy buying from.

Salesperson Types: The Consultant

The Consultant is the salesperson type that asks questions, a lot of questions. Consultants focus on the needs of the individual and take a more relaxed approach to selling. This type is also extremely effective, but the pressure is little to non-existant.

Learning more about Salesperson Types

When you are involved in Multi-Level Marketing, both salesperson types are effective, but I would suggest The Consultant’s approach. For more information on how to be effective as a Multi-Level Marketer, feel free to shoot me an email, let’s talk.
– Drew
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