SEO Training Retention with John Limbocker

SEO Training Retention with John LimbockerIn today’s society everything revolves around technology, therefore the profession of network marketing is no exception. In fact, network marketing now depends on technology and most forms of social media in order for a company to gain a legit following. The internet and social media programs are needed to spread the word about a product or company to get people interested. But let’s say that you have a social media account all set-up and ready to go…now what?
Will people know how to get to your Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media page you have up? Why should they even want to come to your page? What product are you trying to get people to see that can improve their lives in some way? Who are you and what is the brand you are trying to promote? Your potential consumers will need to know all of these things, the question is how do you get yourself out there in order for them to find out? This is where Search Engine Optimization training and retention skills would come in handy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very large piece of the network marketing puzzle and it is absolutely critical to at least know the basics of SEO and how it works if you want to be successful in the field.

Search Engine Optimization is the strategy used to get people to check out a website or particular webpage. In other words, Google, Bing, and Yahoo must become your new BFFs if you want your website on one of their high priorities list. However, the million dollar question is how exactly do you go about making one of these web browsers you best friend?

Our guest on this week’s network marketing radio show can tell you all about SEO and what it takes to get your website to attract visitors easily.

In 1995, John Limbocker began his process of publishing his secrets to getting on the good side of the major search engines in order to get your website into the top ten search hits. However, in April of 2008 Limbocker’s expertise was put to the test when a group of women became extremely interested in what Limbocker had to say about the subject. In great need of assistance with Search Engine Optimization knowledge retention, the “Women Photographers of Orange County” overloaded John with job offers if he helped them optimize their own websites and social media pages. However, since Limbocker at the time was not prepared for such a large optimization task, he instead offered to teach the women what they needed to know. The training process, originally called “SEO Bootcamp,” took about eight weeks to complete.

Needless to say, very shortly after John turned the project into a full fledged online training course (now called “SEO Dominator’s Club”) people all around the world get SEO training and retention skills from it.

In May 2014, Limbocker updated all of the training processes in order to stay as up to date as possible with any changes that took place during a known alteration wave to the SEO process. During what John called “The SEO ReBoot” his program was updated with all new materials and training modules to fit the changes accordingly. Listen in this week to get the tips and tricks on SEO training retention with John Limbocker.
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  • Keith Everett June 13, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Great post Drew. SEO is definitely a specialised subject, I think your bog standard blogger probably doesn’t pay too much attention to it but it is something all bloggers should invest in, in my view..

  • Jonathan Ahn June 13, 2016 at 9:06 pm

    Never knew of SEO and its importance, but now I do so thanks. Great post Drew.