Shut UP, You Make Me Sick!!!

High costs of buying internet MLM leads.

High costs of buying internet MLM leads.

Can you believe someone actually said that to me when I told him how many leads I was generating online?
We were talking about the many internet MLM ideas, offline MLM marketing, buying leads, and comparing costs. He told me how much money he was spending to acquire leads! I’m talking CRAZY numbers! I told him that I actually make money while building my list. It’s part of my business model! You know that most people say, “no,” right? Well they do. But how do you monetize the ones that say, “no”? Give ’em value!
I just came back from a “creating wealth” retreat, called Maximizing Success. It was a great event. I hung out with Bob Allen, author of “No Money Down” and co-creator of the Enlightened Wealth Institute; got to rub elbows with internet marketing guru Tracy Repchuk (pictured below). It was an amazing event. Here’s some of what I learned…
Drew Berman with Tracy Repchuk

Drew Berman with Tracy Repchuk

Not-so-surprisingly, most people were busy trying to sell their goods and recruit into their opportunity, or the “flavor of the month club” as I like to call it. “Here’s my card…I do this.” “Join my team, its the best in the network marketing industry.” “You should try my products, they come from the Himalayas.” Blah, blah, blah…
You know what I have to say to that?
That’s right. WISGAT. In fact, that is what your prospects are saying to you. You know why, in the network marketing industry, 97% of people fail? WISGAT. Most people try to sell-sell-sell rather then connect, build relationships, and add value. Most folks think internet MLM is all web sites and SEO. Nope! Again, you need to marry offline MLM marketing skills too and connect, build relationships, and add value. You know how you add value? Market benefits not features. That’s right. What is the BENEFIT (to me, your prospect)? I don’t care what the features are.
“We have the best comp plan in the industry, our executives have 20 years experience, and my upline makes a lot of money.” If I were your prospect I would respond, “WISGAT.” What Is So Good About That?
Here’s what I mean…
We have one of the fastest growing teams in North America and that is important because when you join our team you will have built-in momentum. You will get a lot of support so that you can be profitable faster. Our team has an internet MLM system in place so that someone like yourself can learn both online and offline MLM marketing techniques, we will show you how to marry the best of high-tech and high-touch.
In fact, I am good friends and partners with one of the monsters in the industry, the one who created attraction marketing, Mike Dillard, and that is important to you because when you join our team, we will show you what is working now.
Check this out, you deserve it! What’s Working Now
Best to you!

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  • tedbogan March 25, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    Drew this message is also great! Many people don't build the relationships first, and yep your right (wisgat). I have had a lot of people in the past approach me this way and in my earlier days of building a business I did the samething because that was what I was taught by my business partners. Well new day new business partner/mentor, ready to learn the right way.

  • Marla March 26, 2010 at 3:06 am

    Drew put himself out there in front of all those people and learned a lot. Maximizing Success was a great weekend; Tracy Repchuk was the real deal, very inspiring. I went to another networking event as a result of the weekend and made 3 strong connections. It's great to read what Drew writes about value. Out of that flows the energy to make you business strong.

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