Small Business Conventions 2015

small business conventions 2015In my book, YouOnlineYouOffline – How to Make a Fortune in Network Marketing, I talk about marketing online and marketing offline. Sometimes I attend small business conventions, large business conventions and other network events. It is an important aspect of my life and my business. There are a few reasons why you should attend small business conventions in 2015.

  1. They can be fun. They can also boring. It’s partly the event you are going to, and partly you and the energy you bring. Bring your A game … And make ’em fun!
  2. You can meet great people. You can also meet some not so great people. Make sure to have a goal of the type of person you want to meet. Avoid time suckers. People may just get into a drunk -a- log and wanna chat you up about everything going bad in their life. Learn how to politely end conversations.
  3. Have a system. Here is an important question. If there were 100 people in the room would you a) rather meet all 100 with a quick exchange of info or b) have a table of 10 and get to know those 10 and only those 10, and get to know then real well? Two different kind of networkers. Which are you? Have a system and strategy for the event, and, for the follow up event.
  4. Speak. Whenever possible have a speaking spot or sponsor the event. This will give you highest exposure.

Upcoming Small Business Conventions in 2015

There are several small business conventions/meetings coming up – that I will be attending, presenting, and sponsoring. I hope you can come and visit for one or more of these

  1. small business conventions 2015 - Using Online Marketing to Promote Your BusinessThursday May 14 – I have the honor of being a panelist at a Lunch and Learn for The Westchester Network For Professionals (WNFP). Event is 12-2 at Rinis Restaurant in Elmsford NY. Topic is Using Online Marketing to Promote Your Business – you can register here.
  2. There is HUGE event at the Javits Center May 21!This ain’t no small business convention 2015! This is a GIANT networking convention/business EXPO. I will have a booth their with my partner Paul (you gotta check out This will attract networkers and business professionals from all around NY, surrounding areas, and around the country. You can register here.
  3. small business conventions 2015 - extreme lifestyle bootcampExtreme June 6 & 7 – If you are ready to…
    • – network with some of the best
    • – learn and master the Law of Attraction
    • – identify and plan your dream life
    • – double your business and double your time off
    • – have a ton of fun

    Then come to the Extreme Lifestyle Bootcamp. You will love it – you can register here!

What is your experiences from networking events or small business conventions in 2015?

Join the conversation … Any upcoming events we should know about?
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To your success
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