Social Media Strategy Template

No matter what business you are in there are many Social Media techniques that you can use.  Whether you have a big following on linked in or you are just getting started on facebook or you don’t even know what instagram is… there is a

Specific Social Media Strategy

Most of the planet is on facebook. Its fun and its SOCIAL… not for biz.  Or is it?  People don’t wake up wanting to buy your stuff on facebook.  But they will connect, and follow you, and maybe – maybe – buy later … if you follow a simple social media template. 
As you may have heard me say before – stop selling… cause they ain’t buyin. If you are in constant sell Sell SELL mode – they be runnin for the hills.  Especially on social media.  There are a lot of people out there, and even some in YOUR business, that are doing it all wrong.  But because you are paying attention, you will be doing it right.  And by doing it right, you will attract more people to you.  So here ya go:

Social Media Strategy Template

Here are some useful social media guidelines that will assist you on your journey.
1) Share Content that helps, rather then sells. – When you post with selling in mind, you’ll alienate your network.  Instead, share your results and your experiences.  When you share without ulterior motives, you create opportunities to connect with new prospects.  Out of every 10 posts, 4 can be an indirect exposure to the benefits of your product or service.  One can be a gentle call to action.   The rest, stick with humor or whats new and exciting.  Pictures of kids is good.  Puppies too.
2) Use photos.  – Transformation and lifestyle images help your network visualize your journey and remind them of your success.  When you do fun things – post it.  If you don’t do fun things, well, maybe we will have time for that in another post.
3) Join relevant Social Media Groups – Facebook groups are a great way to connect with people who share similar interests.  Connecting with like- minded individuals can help you achieve your personal goals, as well as expanding  your network.  This will keep you engaged, online and offline.  When you meet people out and about, ask if you can connect on FB.  When you meet people on FB, at least the local ones, ask to meet in person.  This is the art of active networking.
4) Use various social media platforms – Don’t limit yourself to just one outlet – facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram… google plus – even your blog should be interconnected.
I will be doing many more trainings on social media.  After all, I did write a book on it :)…. more on that later.
so there you have it… a social media strategy template