Successful Women Revealed

Successful womenSuccessful women play a major role not just in society, but in business. In Ghana, women make up more than fifty percent of the entrepreneurial activity. Even in the United States thirty percent of business firms are majority-owned by women, a statistic on the rise. Now we all know the soccer moms, the teachers, but what about the increasingly frequent entrepreneurs or even CEOs?

Back To School

The Education Department reported that in 2010 women earned 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees, 60 percent of master’s degrees and 52 percent of doctoral degrees. So what are women doing with all that schooling? Any and everything it seems. From STEM research to business dealings to journalistic genius, but one thing is for certain: the days of college being nothing more than a hunting ground for husbands are over.

Having It All

Many women think that having a career means sacrificing on the fronts of hearth and home, but the successful women on top have proved that false. In fact, the majority of women on the Forbe’s ‘Most Powerful Women In Business’ are married and have children. Heading up companies such as IBM and Kraft, PepsiCo and Facebook, these women are testimonials of success (here are some more enterprising individuals). They prove that anything is possible with an arsenal of hard work, dedication and business savvy at your disposal.

Getting In The Game of Success

successNo business venture is a solo operation and even though these amazingly successful women have paved the way, you’re not going to get where they are without a little elbow grease on your end. If you’re in college, joining a club is one of the best ways to start networking and making those vital connections. If you’re not in college, look for seminars or conferences (some are even geared specifically towards women in business!) in your area. Not sure what to do after the event? No worries. The ‘what now?’ after effect is common, but here’s some infomation that should prove helpful on your quest for success.

People talk about a glass ceiling when it comes to women trying to reach the position of high level executive and get to that corner office. That kind of talk only serves to discourage, not empower. There are so many successful women with the potential for greatness: aren’t you one of them?