Jim Rohn was one of the greatest trainers in the network marketing industry, helping many achieve lifestyle and success. He was a true master. In his book "Excerpts from the Treasury of Quotes," many positive quotes that embodied my life experience with attitude resonated with me. Read on to understand how one in particular tied back to my first foray in MLM so many years ago.

Plain and simple...you're going to get those confrontational questions from quality leads and prospects. While listening to The Psychology of Asking, by Jeffery Combs, I heard something that stood out, "think of your prospect's questions as carefrontational questions". It's where you care for yourself enough not to get confrontational with your quality leads.

I always stayed in action. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Correct and continue. Ask yourself what worked, what didn't work, what can be done better. The triangle of success: RK + RY+ RV - the Right Knowledge + the Right YOU + the Right Vehicle. And you can win, and win big.

Interviewing Craig and Giovanna Garcia. Giovanna Garcia, from www.ImperfectAction.com, has a background that is rich in experience. Craig Garcia, from www.CraigGarcia.tv, is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, and author in Corporate America, Direct Sales, and the Network Marketing industries. The Garcia's are great friends of mine and they are wonderful entrepreneurs, having succeeded both online and offline. It has been fun serving on the board of the Team Thrive Network with the both of them, and we are currently planning on future projects together.

This was certainly an adventure of a lifetime. I raised $1000 for Cancer. I trained for 3 1/2 weeks. I made it 36 miles and then CRASH. It could have been devastating. Life could have changed in a split second. I got back up. Have some really cool battle wounds. Met 3 prospects. All in all - it was a great birthday.

Bruce Springsteen? Nope. Floyd? Nope. Now Phish! Nope. Close but no cigar - my family needed me. No matter what happens, have a great attitude. In life and in business people cancel, get sick, and sometimes they don't show up for appointments. Make the best of it. Have the best attitude in spite of your circumstances.