If you ask anyone that has started their own business from the ground up, they'll surely tell you that it was tough. Well, though the network marketing industry facilitates some aspects of the traditional business start-up - depending on the company, of course - it still requires a significant degree of perseverance. In this video, I offer honesty and compassion to the fact that starting a business takes hard work while providing some MLM tips and stories to inspire you to persevere and break through to your MLM success! It ROCKS! Check it out!

Most of the success coaches - my gurus - who I have had in my life I have personally known or met at a training event. They give me hugs and hands-on knowledge that I can take with me and incorporate into my life’s pursuit. I have not had the fortune of meeting Don Miguel Ruiz or his son yet. Still, they stand out as two of my most important teachers. Read on to find out how someone I have never met can have such an impact.

It was recently suggested by a mentor that I read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Funny thing was, I had read the book a number of years ago. Amazingly, the words on the pages changed while it was sitting on my bookshelf. This time, as I read the book, I was getting a whole new meaning. I understood that for so many years I had been held hostage to beliefs that I had agreed to unconsciously.