As a leader in a network marketing company that is growing by leaps and bounds, and having built a phenomenal - and growing - team over the past many years, I find that a significant part of my day - and my business - revolves around personal, life, and small business coaching. It really doesn't matter what business you're in. If you're a leader, you absolutely must hone your coaching and mentoring skills because others will be reliant on you for direction. In network marketing, since your success is based on the success of your network - call it "servitude leadership" - small business coaching is paramount. If this is not for you, get out now! If it excites you, read on!

I met and briefly interviewed a great SEO guru the other day at a local event, Bruce Feldman. He offers a quick SEO tip and some elaboration that, whether you don't even know what SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization) or you're not all that sure what SEO entails, you'll definitely want to watch this!!!

In this video, I review for you the list of 6 definite, practical steps to take, as dictated by Napoleon Hill in one of his greatest books, Think and Grow Rich, to take your desire for riches and translate that desire into reality, into gold!

To be successful at anything we must have a really great reason for doing it. To be successful we need vision, passion, motivation, focus and persistence. Without these key elements we will not find success in what we put our minds to, or very limited success at a best. We need to find our "why".