When the going gets tuff, it's easy to quit! Barring addictions, which is a whole other topic, when you're up against a challenge - whether it was one you were put up against by another person or something you voluntarily attacked - how often did you think to yourself, "Ah, screw it! I'm done!" Seriously, be honest with yourself. Here are some thoughts that might help you persevere.

I have mentioned, time and again, the importance of events. Well, I've known and learned from Norbert Orlewicz for over two years now. Norbert is a co-founder of MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP), the largest attraction marketing lead generation system on the Internet. Finally, I was able to meet him - in person - at the latest event I attended - the No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas. Norbert was extremely generous and sat down with me to share some millionaire secrets.

Here's another installment from the School of the Millionaire Mindset! You see, we face a number of situations, obstacles, and circumstances in life. It's difficult to say whether one is easier to focus on than another. Certainly, there is more drama focusing on a hardship than a success. At the same time, there is usually a great story behind a challenge and a corresponding triumph. Check out this great video, inspired by a conversation with my father, Gary Berman.

In life, there is a traditional tendency to do what everyone else is doing. There could be an infinite number of reasons for this. Whatever the case, it is common for people to make choices based on what might be perceived by the masses to be appropriate even if it may not necessarily be appropriate for the individual. Heavy? Check out this quick video for some Millionaire Mind clarity.