You've been working your MLM home business for a while. Perhaps you're a newbie; perhaps a veteran. You've heard about laws of attraction but you may or may not be entirely sure what it's all about. Does that sum it up for you? Well, attraction marketing is what it's all about and the top-secret network marketing strategy is revealed right here!

Facebook is clearly one of the leading social networks and, generally, one of the most frequented online properties today. It makes sense that social marketing strategies with Facebook would quickly evolve and mature. In this short video interview, I talk with master social network marketer, Kenyon Salo, to learn what in the forefront of his mind with regards to social marketing strategies. Check it out and read on for an added tip!

We all know that the best sales folks - the ones that close the deal time and time again - are known for asking questions they already know the answer to. This is one of the pure gold, millionaire secrets to MLM home business; geez, it's gold in any business. If you're not familiar with this concept, you can start familiarizing yourself by watching this video!

These three simple words are core to success in any MLM home business. Working at home can be a challenge - the kids are running around, the dog needs to go out, and the cat needs to be fed. Yeah, there's a whole lot more too. Sure, you're being pulled every which way. But you have to be responsible for your business or you'll never make it. It seems trite but these three simple words sum it up. Enjoy the video!

As an MLM home business entrepreneur, have you ever been asked, "What do you do?" What was your response? "I'm in the network marketing industry," "I'm a nutrition counselor," "I'm a travel agent," "I have an MLM home business," "I teach people how to get wealthy"? What is it? Read this article to learn how aligning with the right team can help you answer that question.