If you learn the best time management strategies that work for you, you won’t feel like time is always running out. You will be more productive in the time you spend working and you will produce more valuable content. Parkinson’s Law with regard to time explains that a job often expands to fill the time available to accomplish the task. So, if you set aside three hours to do a task that really only takes 30 minutes, it is entirely possible that you will stretch out the task to actually take three hours. Try to plan your schedule in a realistic way – imagine exactly how long a task should take and allot a specific amount of time to do that task. The Pareto Principle has an 80-20 rule. 20% of the time expended to do a project produces 80% of the results. Whereas, 80% of the time expended results in only 20% of the outcomes. This speaks volumes about how good we all are at wasting time. The majority of valuable work you produce will be created in only 20% of the amount of time you are working. If you keep this principle in mind, you will be able to manage your time most effectively. No more all-nighters, no more sitting for hours at the computer writing and perfecting a blog post – chances are, the work you produce at the beginning is sufficient and you are essentially wasting your valuable time continuing to work.

Do you ever find yourself learning important lessons that can apply to your life from unexpected places? My 9-year-old son has been working toward his black belt in Taekwondo. I realized that everyone should have the same drive and passion for something that he does. If you take the passion you have for something important to you and channel that energy toward your home business and MLM training you will reach success in no time.

I have mentioned, time and again, the importance of events. Well, I've known and learned from Norbert Orlewicz for over two years now. Norbert is a co-founder of MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP), the largest attraction marketing lead generation system on the Internet. Finally, I was able to meet him - in person - at the latest event I attended - the No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas. Norbert was extremely generous and sat down with me to share some millionaire secrets.

When creating your own social marketing strategies, whether you are looking for some new fun online or looking to build business awareness, there are specific things to do and things to specifically avoid. Perhaps these are obvious; perhaps not. Everyone is different and we all have our own agenda. Mike O'Neal and I discuss the top two things you MUST keep in mind when compiling your social marketing strategies in this video.

Facebook is clearly one of the leading social networks and, generally, one of the most frequented online properties today. It makes sense that social marketing strategies with Facebook would quickly evolve and mature. In this short video interview, I talk with master social network marketer, Kenyon Salo, to learn what in the forefront of his mind with regards to social marketing strategies. Check it out and read on for an added tip!

Lifestyle unlimited, folks! Can you imagine? Great health + passive income + free time = LIFESTYLE and that's what life is all about, isn't it?!?! Well, last week I took a day off. Yep! And you know what? I didn't have to ask permission from "the boss"! I don't have one! I fired my boss decades ago! Now I enjoy the journey every day with all of you. I practice lifestyle unlimited. Here are not one, but two videos from a field trip to NYC!

I sat with big-league network marketer, Bill Constain for some quick MLM training at a network marketing industry event this weekend. Bill creates an analogy regarding attraction marketing. Do you attract folks to you that you want to do business with, the principle of attraction marketing, or, conversely, do you attract people who either you would rather not do business with, who would not be good in your business, or who is not interested in your business? Watch this video to see if you can relate.

In the spirit of the 2010 Olympics, here is an Olympic-sized MLM Training tip. Check out this video. You might even want to watch this a few times to truly grasp the essence of the message. Think about what you are doing today - right now - to prepare for the future, much like an athlete might prepare for the Olympics.