As we bid another year adieu, we should look back at our accomplishments proudly, our failures with our heads held high, and our MLM mistakes as opportunities for growth in the coming year. After all, if we don't learn from our mistakes, we're bound to repeat them! What follows is a list of mistakes I've watched many network marketers make over the years. Unfortunately, even I have fallen prey to some of them! Don't let these MLM mistakes happen to you!

Attraction Marketing is great. It makes sense! Build a Relationship with your list. Awesome! No more bothering friends and family. Hooray! The 3ft. rule stinks. You bet! But if you're not converting your leads to customers then what good are all these trainings and courses that teach us to generate leads online? They don't mean a thing and they waste our money if we can't close. Here are some lead conversion tips for turning your leads into customers or distributors that actually produce revenue for you!

The good news is that calling leads generated though is nothing like calling purchased leads, opportunity leads, biz opp seekers, or cold calling. Remember, when you utilize duplicable systems like and drive traffic to your configurable templates, we focus on positioning YOU as a leader. Our #1 target market is either current network marketers or people actively seeking information on our industry.