People do business with people, not websites. The more high tech we get, the more high touch we need to be. Your website is up and running. You blog on a regular basis. Your facebook account is up-to-date and interesting. You tweet often and are mastering Google ad words and your pay-per-click campaign is a well oiled machine. Great! Good for you. You are doing everything right. You are a current, hip, cutting edge entrepreneur. Well done. If it is working, don't stop. But that is only half of the big picture.

Online social media sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn (and so on, and so on), and the vast array of tools such as WordPress,, eZine, and TweetLater to name just a few of the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of others, most of which are free to use, can be pulled together to make You, Online! larger than life! You can be everywhere - and you should be, if you're really going to connect with the millions of folks out there looking for you. And, YES, millions of people are looking FOR YOU!

What can we do offline that cannot be ignored, can produce dramatic results, is completely duplicatable, simple, and even fun that can bring together old school skill and the power of technology? It's all about High Tech AND High Touch. Remember - as good as you are on the internet - you still need to keep it real. It's still about the people, connecting with and helping people.

Where is the magic? The offline marketing principles cannot be ignored and if you are not taking advantage of the world of online marketing you might as well close shop right now! The magic will come to you when you meld these two worlds into one.